Turkey is a world-class tourist destination and is always among the top tourist destinations in the world. It is also one of the most popular destinations in the Arab region. Turkey, especially Istanbul, is known as an attractive international trade center. It provides economic, social and work environment. Encouraging business growth as well as government support for these steps and facilitating many measures to encourage business growth in Turkey. All these factors led to the prosperity of Turkish society, high economic rates and social prosperity. Of course, as a result of the continuous growth of all economic sectors such as industry, tourism, real estate, education and others. With the prosperity of Turkish society in terms of physical demand for real estate of various kinds. Making property in Turkey a common goal for those wishing to own vacation properties or those who want to invest primarily in order to increase the return on their money and invest in real estate for the advantages and security of the Turkish real estate market and the real demand of Turkish society for real estate due to the high population in Istanbul Which exceeds 20 million people.

The possession of property for foreigners has many advantages, the most important of which are:


  1. Ability to get a residence permit renewed yearly.

  2. Obtaining a permanent residence if the property is owned for eight years or more.

  3. Residence permit for the entire family.

  4. Obtain Turkish citizenship.

With the diverse objectives of purchasing real estate in Turkey and the different goals, it was smart to cooperate with real estate consultants who study the requests of buyers and provide consulting advice commensurate with the data of each request after careful study, their ability to access and evaluate most of the Turkish projects while prioritizing your personal needs and the following 5 Smart ways you can employ in conjunction with your real estate consultant:

1- Experience and knowledge of the Turkish market

The first way to make your decision smart is to rely on the experience of real estate consultant, where you can save time and effort and to create a real and realistic picture of the project and the real estate and the area where the project is located in addition to providing advice on the expected profit from this property and how to rotate the capital as there Ways and foundations for selecting the investment property and how to manage the profit and the timing of purchase and resale and caution duty when choosing a real estate consultant because there are ways and wrong choices may cause losses to investors in the event they made the purchase on the basis of advice and incorrect or non-scientific.

2. Make the right decision

Once the experience is employed, you can take advantage of the real estate consultant’s experience in providing the right solutions to your needs and suit your objectives according to the factors surrounding the project or the area that suits your personal needs more than any other person whose wishes differ from you even if you share your goals.

3. Post-purchase services

One of the main roles of the real estate consultancy company is to follow up the signing of your purchase contracts, the registration of the important documents in the Turkish government departments as well as the follow up of payments sent by you to the property developers’ account and ensure receipt of these payments and the issuance of all the documents that have been confirmed and to provide you With pictures and videos periodically for the stages of development of projects in case you purchased under projects under construction. You can also receive the apartment on your behalf from the real estate developer and make sure that the apartment has been delivered and is full of specifications and free of any structural defects or defects in finishingAnd also visit the electricity, water and gas utilities to register your information and apply for delivery of all these services to your home.

4. Legal services

It is important to ensure your full rights and your legal ownership of the property, abide by the rules announced by the government and here lies the importance of the real estate consultant to his experience in real estate projects in Turkey and the legal status of each project. The real estate adviser can accompany you to government departments to register ownership of the apartment and receive the title of ownership and to take all legal procedures to ensure the safety And protect your rights in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

5. Real estate management

Property management services range from managing the resale of real estate or rent management to collecting revenue. The importance of real estate management after the purchase process is to maintain the value of the property to collect the benefits of your investment, as the goals of owners and buyers vary among themselves, so also vary the wishes of tenants and their requests, and here comes the impact of the Turkish market experience in providing the best service to tenants with the best return On investment. For these reasons, you should work with a real estate advisor to get the best options that fit your personal ideas and goals. You can also contact us today for a free consultation. Our company has great experience and excellent relations with the best real estate developers in Istanbul. Best price and best choice in any project you like or any area in Istanbul you would like to live in.