A comprehensive guide to furnishing your home in Istanbul

When you move to Turkey, you have to find the right home, the first thing you think about is how to furnish the house, whether for holidays , or for permanent residence, in this article we will talk about the best ways to furnish a house , and the best places to buy furniture.

Design of furniture in Turkey:

A few years ago Istanbul was the capital of European culture, but with the boom of Turkish architecture Recently , Turkish designers have become more confident in their designs , where they combine contemporary architecture with traditional Ottoman designs , luxurious furnishings, carpets, wooden furniture inlaid with gold and copper, with the use of bright colors which remains an essential element of the Turkish design.

Features of Turkish furniture:

Furniture in Turkey is characterized by two basic features making it distinctive and much desired to consumers, these features are:

  • high quality in design, production and work .
  • The appropriate cost for all categories in exchange for the most luxurious furniture types.


A comprehensive guide to furnishing your home in Istanbul 1 Investment In Istanbul

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels


Buying furniture in Turkey:


The furniture market in Turkey is one of the most important markets


in the world where the Turkish furniture agencies reach most of the Arab and Western countries.


There are three options for buying home furniture from Turkey :


  • Go to well-known furniture shops, and select furniture.
  • Online shopping through some sites, where shoppingcan be convenient.
  • Go to the shops in the case of desiring specifically detailed furniture to your taste, In Turkey there are experienced and professional carpenters.


Furniture shops in Istanbul


The city of Istanbul has a number of shops specializing in the sale of Turkish luxury and distinctive furniture and the most famous and distinct 4Shops are :

  • 333 km shop Located in the neighborhood of Karakoy.


  • Hamm furniture shops which is characterized by their manufacture from natural wood .


  • Stoa Design Shop Which combines Turkish and French taste in their designs.


  • Dan Design Shop Which offers a wide variety of international expert designs.

A comprehensive guide to furnishing your home in Istanbul 2 Investment In Istanbul

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The most famous furniture factories in Istanbul

What helped Turkey reach third place in terms of production , quality, And distinctive designs in the Turkish home furniture industry , is offering Turkish furniture at an affordable price and good quality . These almost perfect specifications are available in the Masko area of Istanbul.



Masko is located in Istanbul’s Basaksehir area, which is easily accessible and has more than 778 companies and factories that produces all kinds of furniture in all fields since the name Masko is an abbreviation of the Turkish title of the region : “the site of managing the furniture and wood production in Istanbul”.


The furniture produced in MASKO:

Masko City has all kinds of furniture that any place needs:


  • Bedroom furniture * Yatak odası mobilya *
  • Dining room furniture * Yemek oda mobilya takımı *
  • Seating sets * Koltuk Takımları *
  • TV sets * TV setleri *
  • Office furniture * Büro mobilyaları *
  • Accessories * aksesuarlar *
  • All kinds of beds * Her çeşit yatak *
  • Furniture for interior decoration * İç dekorasyon için mobilya *
  • Children’s and young people’s furniture * Çocuk ve gençler için mobilya *
  • curtains and home carpets * Perdeler ve halılar *
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture * Mutfak mobilyaları ve banyolar *
  • Furniture for projects and the equipping of hotels , schools , hospitals and many other institutions .


Furniture features in Masko:


Turkish furniture produced within Masko combines modern style with an authentic older style, and this is what makes Products varied because the designs on which the furniture is made, also making them all inclusive as they combine Romanian designs with seljuk, Old Ottoman, European and Turkish Modern Designs, and all companies located within the city of Masko are large, guaranteed and reliable companies, since they all registered with Masko’s City Administration, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Chamber of industry, and the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade, which makes it safe to deal with them.

The standout things that decorate the houses in



Turkish carpets: –

Turkish carpets are considered a fixed title of elegance and beauty in homes, especially with the variety of Turkish carpets required worldwide. It is a distinctive mark of decoration which gives the home a unique aesthetic value, especially when the color of the carpet, and its drawings is Perfectly in tune with the rest of the home furniture and wall paint.


Wooden furniture: –


Wooden furniture from tables to sofas have an important role to play in the home décor, as it takes over the most amount of space in the room, even in the kitchen wooden cabinets and its colors count as a successful décor features for the kitchen, and also wooden beds and wardrobes as well as TV tables, but the color consistency should be taken into consideration when wooden furniture is occupying a big portion of the space, be careful that you have a color palette that integrates beautifully .


mirrors: –


Mirrors are one of the most striking things on the walls of rooms or salons in Turkish homes, giving the place greater capacity and wider space , if added with an attractive wooden or metal frame , especially if engraved or embossed, it will act as a great piece of art.