Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by Real Estate Investments


Turkey became the first destination for tourism, and a dream to stay at for many people who are attracted to its scenic nature, so the state has provided ways for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through Real estate Investment.


Real estate investment in Turkey:

Investment through real estate purchases is one of the most important methods currently known to obtain citizenship, in accordance with the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to investors of the year 2018, under property ownership, the owner has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. With that, Turkey achieved a clear renaissance towards their major development goals. In view of Turkey’s great economic advancement, the real estate market remains present and strongly in this renaissance, and it is considered one of the most important markets that supports the Turkish economy and the moststable, and the fastest growing, and this is what statistics and figures have shown, that the real estate market is the true supporter to the vision of year 2023, Istanbul is the heart of Turkey and a magnet for Real estate investments of all nationalities, and the modern Turkish projects are considered compared to the latest European properties to have surpassed them, for they include the best services, protection and entertainment, its complexes include gardens, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes.


Advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:-


  • Provides free education.
  • Provides full medical and therapeutic services .
  • Allows the right for voting as a Turkish citizen .
  • The Turkish passport is one of the top 30 passports in the world.
  • The holder will benefit from the Turkish passport from the retirement programs
  • Dual citizenship is allowed for those holding Turkish passports, and the Turkish passport has a 10-year validity when it is acquired and is renewable for life.

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by Real Estate Investments 1 Investment In Turkey

Conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:


  • First condition : The price of the property purchased by


the foreign person must exceed $250,000, to be paid by transferring the amount from the buyer’s account to the owner’s account via a Turkish bank.



  • Second condition: The buyer must not sell the propertyuntil


after 3 years from the date of buying it, and has to sign a pledge at the real estate registry that ownership of real estate bought will not be transfer to run for Turkish citizenship to any persons within the period specified by the state which is 3 years.

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship by Real Estate Investments 2 Investment In Turkey

Procedures for acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate:

The presidential decree related to facilities for acquiring Turkish citizenship by purchase a Real estate gave orders to establish offices under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior and with the participation of representatives of ministries and others related such as the Ministry of Finance, Economics, labor and social security, to coordinate among them in order to facilitate administrative procedures for the granting of Turkish citizenship.

A central office for the Turkish citizenship of real estate investment was started, several sub-offices will also be developed to reduce the burden on the base center. The procedure for acquiring Turkish citizenship takes 4-6 months,depending on certain circumstances.

For each person applying for the citizenship through real estate investment, the Turkish government plans to shorten this period to a month and a half by linking and coordinating the competent ministries to shorten or remove the routine procedures.

Legal procedures for granting Turkish citizenship to investors:


Step 1 : Evaluate the property

The buyer evaluates the property with the help of Turkish companies specified by the Turkish Government, and these companies grant the assessment after three days, with the company’s valuation of the properties for more than 250 thousand dollars its possible to apply for the Turkish citizenship, Since the validity of the evaluation granted by Turkish companies is only for 3 months, so whoever is applying for the Turkish citizenship must submit the evaluation document before 3 months, but if the progress is not made during the period selected, a new evaluation should be extracted.


Step 2 : Extract Property Notarization from the real estate Registry

Property Notarization document which is the only recognized document that allows the buyer to act on the real estate legally, so the buyer must register the property in the property Notarizing department and extract the property Notarizing document , these procedures need only 2-3 days, but the tax number must be made first, then go to the property Notarizing department and register the property officially, and you must sign at the Land Registry office that these properties will not be sold to the end of a period of 3 years, to make the property Notarization document ready to apply for citizenship .


Step 3 : Processing documents and sending them to the Turkish citizenship granting center

The remaining documents are processed, translated and authenticated at the Al Nutar Office for approximately 5-10 days. The documents are then introduced to the head office in Ankara, and the Turkish Government confirms to established branch offices in other states.


Step 4 : After -Introducing papers and documents to the Citizenship Grant Center

After the submission of the papers the applicant waits for the citizenship for approximately 7 to 10 days, and the rest of the procedures are the responsibility of the Turkish Government and its institutions, where the applicant is granted an electronic link through which you can follow the procedures of applying for the nationality, and be contacted to inform him of any progress in the citizenship file, the process may need 4 months, since the file goes to the Ministry of Interior directly, and then to the presidency of the Republic to be signed on for the decision to give the Turkish citizenship. And then a department issues the applicant a Turkish personal card and then he becomes a citizen of Turkey. Turkish citizenship can enjoy the full powers of the Turkish citizenship, and he can begin the procedure of obtaining the Turkish passport.


Granting the real estate investor the citizenship for his family:

If the investor buys 250,000 USD property, he/she is entitled to apply for the nationality with his wife and children up to 18 years of age, they will go through the same process as him, and if the wife is the investor she can give the right to her husband and children under the age of 18 to apply with her for obtaining Turkish nationality.


Notes :


  • you Can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying properties in severalTurkish states, but the property value should exceeds US $250,000, and to keep the Real estate for 3 years from the date of purchase.


  • Turkish citizenship can also be obtained by purchasing property under construction, but the sales contract must be attached together with the documents, and the first installment should be at least 250,000 dollar.