Areas to be taken into account in real estate investment


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and it is the hub between the Asian and European parts of Turkey also the best place for tourism social and cultural, many investors succeeded in Investment making high profits, doubling their turnover here in Turkey and opening them up to the global market.


Real estate investment in Turkey:


Year After a year, Turkey achieved a clear renaissance towards major development goals and to this moment more than 80% of them finished and laying the foundations for the accomplishment of the vision of 2023. In the light of Turkey’s great economic advancement , the real estate market remains present and strong in this renaissance moreover it is considered one of the most important markets that support the Turkish economy also the most stable and the fastest growing one. This is what statistics and figures have shown, that the real estate market is the true supporter to vision of the year 2023.


Istanbul is the heart ofTurkey and a magnet for investments in Real estate for all nationalities , and the modern Turkish projects are considered some of the most modern properties in Europe even surpassing other euorpean countries, and it includes the best services, protection and entertainment .Its compounds include gardens , swimming pools , restaurants and cafes.


Types of real estate:

Real estate is divided into two parts:


– Commercial real estate:

It is a property that does not include housing by a family or a single family. It contains offices


– Residential real estate:

These properties are used for residential purposes only such as villas , houses , duplex apartments .


Best real estate investment areas:

There are many areas where real estate investment has flourished lately, but the most prosperous are as following:


  • Bağcılar area .




  • Region Beylikdüzü .



Bağcılar District <Passin Express>:

It is one of the highest rated areas, which includes excellent services with the best infrastructure, and the Turkish Government is concentrating its attention on this region in order to make it the first area of investment in Turkey.many international companies coinciding with the government’s actions have bought real estate , hotels, malls and land to be in the forefront and get the highest profits in the future.

Areas to be taken into account in real estate investment 1 Investment In Istanbul

Advantages of Bağcılar Region :

  1. Bağcılar Area Location :

Located in the European section between Istanbul’s old and modern Parts. It is directly between Ataturk Airport and Istanbul’s new airport which is the largest airport in the world. This sitegives the region great importance, making it the focus of investors from the east and west .


  1. Central Transportation Network

This area is located at the intersection of three main roads, in addition to the area connected by north Marmara Expressway, making the region a unique focal point for most international And fast routes, in addition the area is located on the Metro that connects the Atakoy Line/ Iketili, also located near the water taxi project that will connect the famous marmara sea to Basak, in addition to its connection to the new Metro plan which will end during 2019. Making it distinctive in terms of transportation network and the fact that it is becoming more connected to the rest of the neighborhoods in Istanbul, which has led to an increase in movement and vitality reaching Exceptional rates, as well as making it easy to access from other regions viaTransportation lines, subway and many other transport lines.


  1. The presence of the most important malls in the region :

The area has many of Istanbul’s most important malls , such as : Mall of istanbul: Offering many Turkish and international brands. Mall 212: It has many shops and international brands famous for Garments , textiles and household utensils , as well as leather Products .


  1. The presence of companies and 5-star hotels :

Because of the unique location of the area, many international companies and luxury hotels have ownership in the region, which led to its prosperity and the acceleration of prices rising, also there are a large number of Arab investors who have bought and invested in real estate in this area.


The future of the Bagilar region:

There are a lot of luxury projects being created in the region, which increases the investors interested , and gives it a promising and prosperous future, where some experts have named the area the second maslak after the well known area Maslak in Besiktas, which includes a large number of skyscrapers and other tall buildings.


Beylikdüzü  Area :

It is one of the most important areas in the city of Istanbul in terms of economic value , located in the European part of Istanbul, located to the north of the Sea of Marmara, south of Esenyurt, east of Büyükçekmece and west of Avcilar.


Why we encourage a real estate investment in the area of BelekDozu ?

There are many advantages to this area where it gets you encouraged to do a great amount of investment. like :


  1. Location:

Its location is unique as it is bounded from the east by Avcilar region, which is one of the leading areas in Istanbul, and from the West by Lake Buyukcekmece which is a tourist attraction, and is highly attractive to tourists , from the north the Esenyurt area, and from south Marmara Beach one of the most important beaches in Istanbul.


  1. Transportation :

The Metrobus line, the longest and fastest transport line in Istanbul, where it has 5 final stations along the line, as the area also provides several transport bus lines that connects it directly to the surrounding areas, which serves the movement from and to Beylikdüzü, and as transportation is well available, this increases the real estate prices in the Beylikdüzü opening the way for good profits in the market of real estate investment.


  1. Shopping Centers :

There are many medium and large shopping malls in and around the region, attracting many shoppers. visitors increase day after day,andthese shopping centers contain many products from world-renowned brands and` the most famous of these malls are: Megros Mall , Berlavista Mall , Marmara Park Mall .

  1. Facilities and Institutions :

Beylikdüzü has a wide range of facilities and services, such as Beylikdüzü Hospital as well as many private hospitals and health centers since the Government appreciates the value of providing health services to local citizens and Foreigners. This area also has Istanbul’s largest exhibition center , Tuyap, and it is equipped to hold events and activities At both the artistic and cultural levels, there are also many cafés and fine restaurants , leisure and picnic Parks and centers, banks.


  1. Residential complexes:

The area of Beylikdüzü is experiencing a major urban revolution, where there are several Luxury residential projects, ready for habitation and others under construction , featuring luxury villas, as well as a lot of malls and offices dedicated to sale or rent, and it has some of the finest residential complexes in Beylikdüzü that are European inspired in nature , with many outstanding services , such as good location and stunning views, as well as Green space, schools


swimming pools, places dedicated to entertainment and toys for children, so Beylikdüzü’s properties are one of the most attractive properties in Istanbul for investors because of the prices of the Real estate are less than similar real estate projects in other regions, and investment opportunities in Real estate is more successful than investment in other regions.

Areas to be taken into account in real estate investment 2 Investment In Istanbul

The success of the investment in the Beylikdüzü :

The region has recently undergone a systematic expansion through the deployment of high- quality buildings and earthquake resistance measures, which increased its value and made it at the foreground of Istanbul’s attractions for real estate investment, and the spread of residential complexes in Belek Duzo, and containing centers for social events, recreation, sports, swimming pools, children’s entertainment centers, parks all of this has made it more attractive to investors among other properties of Turkey.