Areas where property experienced Growth


Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey, which is considered as theeconomical, touristic and cultural capital.

It is considered one of the most important cities because of its unique geographic location and its religious and cultural status, especially as it combines the civilizations of East and West.

Turkey achieved year after year of clear renaissance towards great development goals, and to this moment achieved more than 80% of them and laid the foundations for the achievement of the remaining vision of 2023, and in light of the great economic advancement of Turkey the real estate market remains strong in this renaissance, One of the most important markets supporting the Turkish economy and the most stable and fastest growing, as evident in statistics and figures, that the real estate market is the real supporter of the vision of 2023.

Areas where property experienced Growth 1 Investment In Istanbul

In a city of more than 15 million people living in it and more than 3 million tourists, it must be studied well, for the most appropriate areas for real estate investment, and this is due to several elements, including:


Transportation lines


The availability of transport lines is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account when investing, especially the existence of metro lines and fast rail, and Istanbul is witnessing a significant expansion in the establishment of a good transport network, which leads to the growth of areas where these lines exist, Which leads to a boom in real estate projects.


– Choosing a rich environment with public utilities:


The selection of an area rich in public utilities such as hospitals, universities, schools, etc., which increases the percentage of profit in real estate.


– Choosing an area with a future in growth:


This means that government projects in this area, such as public utilities and others, are being implemented, with infrastructure projects significantly increasing the prices of surrounding areas.


What are the best areas for real estate investing:

– Başakşehir area

The advantagesof the Başakşehir area make it the most valuable for real estate investment


There is no doubt that this region has become the first choice for everyone who wants to invest in the city of Istanbul, because the region includes features that facilitate life, and the most important of these features:


1- the location of the area of Başakşehir in Istanbul .


It is located in the European part of the city of Istanbul with a distinctive strategic location. It is


bordered from the south by Avgilar, Bagglar, Kuchuk Chikmega, Arnaoute Koy, from the


south-western region Essenyurt, and to the north there are many forests with


evergreen trees as well as a river flowing into Lake Kuchuk Chkumja to give the


Başakşehir region a famous geographical composition characterized by nature and


green spaces. The location of the famous Başakşehir is between the most important


areas of Istanbul and its presence on the main international line gave it great


importance because of the easy access from all parts of Istanbul, It is also the closest


area to Istanbul’s third airport, which led to the rush of government and private


companies to set up residential projects or service facilities.


2- The civilization of the region of Başakşehir:


Where the area of Başakşehir is its one of the most prestigious areas in the city of Istanbul, the buildings are new and the area is devoid of slums and most of the compounds and outlets have the best services and the highest levels of finishing quality.


3- Transportation and access mechanism:


Başakşehir is an area fueled by an integrated network of connections connecting all parts of the region By means of transport to other areas, and the subway connecting to the famous Başakşehir is the most important means of transport, which can reach to both Ataturk airport and Marmarai connecting the European and Asian continent, and a metro lines that reaches Taksim and Besiktas And Magidiakoy.


Work is still underway on the opening of new stations to extend the popular Başakşehir metro line to facilitate greater transport traffic throughout the region. There are also tramway stations being equipped to add to the area of ​​Başakşehir, increasing its importance to real estate investors and residents.

4- Utilities and public services


Utilities and public services​​which include the official services and institutions that facilitate the residence, such as accommodation matters related to Electricity, Gas and Water Companies, also containing many hospitals and governmental and private medical centers. The governmentis also planning to open the largest medical city on the European continent in the area of Başakşehir, With an area of one million and 60,000 square meters, to accommodate more than 24,000 visitors a day and 2,000 facilities, with more than 9,000 employees in the health sector.


5- Recreational spots


The area of Başakşehir is characterized by a lot of recreational areas such as:


Exhibition Centers


      • many cinemas
    • luxury shopping malls
      • Ataturk Olympic Stadium
  • Gardens and water parks such as: –


Başakşehir artificial lake, which has a surface area of 26 thousand square meters, surrounded by green areas, and there are many restaurants and cafes, and contains a large arena for celebrations and festivals, ..

6- Schools and universities.

Başakşehir has been a very advanced hub in the scientific field because of its schools, public and private universities at the international and Turkish levels such as:


  • Al Aqsa International Schools in Istanbul, a famous university that teaches in English and Turkish.


  • Ibn Khaldun University, which teaches in three languages: “English, Arabic, Turkish”.


7- Prices are relatively low.


Despite the rapid changes and developments in the region and the increasing interest of investors in real estate, real estate prices are still relatively low compared to nearby developed regions.


The first choice is Investing in Başakşehir.

The real estate market has witnessed a high development in the last few years due to its strong infrastructure and huge government projects.