Bebek an area with one of Istanbul’s most charming views

Bebek Area in Istanbul



Bebek is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul. It attracts great attention due to the geographic location and the nature of the region. In addition, It enjoys the coastal climate which makes it wonderful because of its location on the Bosphorus gulf. During the reign of Sultan Ahmed the third, the district became very desirable and during the reign of Ibrahim Pasha, the most important landmarks were built, such as: Bebek Mosque, the schools, Sabeel, and Windmill. 


Bebek area was formerly named “Hala” which means harbors, inhabited by fishermen and resting ships during its long journeys. Bebek’s name goes back to The officer Bebek Chaoah who was appointed by the Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror to monitor Rumeli Castle and to establish security in The neighborhood so he built a palace and the established a garden. This area was named in his name after his death, and now this neighborhood is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul.


Top sights in Bebek area:

Istanbul’s Bebek district has some of the most beautiful tourist attractions to attract tourists and families for a range of fun activities.


  • Bebek Coast


The coast of Bebek is considered one of the best places where human energy is positively charged. It is called the luxurious magical coast, because it’s golden sand that shines when the sun shines, and it’s blue water that makes relaxing and sitting on its beaches is one of the best things that you can do. On the coast of Bebek, Istanbul docks and luxury yachts. This beach includes many coasts, restaurants and cafes, which offer all Eastern and Western meals in addition to traditional Turkish dishes.

Bebek an area with one of Istanbul's most charming views 1 Istanbul


  • Bebek Park


Is one of the finest and best and most famous recreational and tourist places that are ideal for families and children in Istanbul with an area of ​​16 thousand square metres and extends on the banks of the Bosphorus. It was opened in1908 and renewed in 2008 in Bebek area within one of the prestigious neighborhoods in the city of Istanbul. The garden is quiet and beautiful to relax among the nice view of nature. You can relax among the varied forms of plants and flowers with charming views of the sea. The garden is also equipped with many restaurants, cafes and shops selling souvenirs while young children have fun in their play area.

Bebek an area with one of Istanbul's most charming views 2 Istanbul


  • Ayazma Park


It is also one of the best picnic areas for family and children in the Bebek area where they can take advantage of the park’s walking paths among the vast areas of vegetation and greenery while your children have fun in their own play area.


  • Asian Park


Istanbul’s Bebek area, where you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere between the greenery and the charming sea view, must be accompanied with a visit to the nearby Asian Poets Museum. The park is an ideal location for sports and hiking enthusiasts as well as provides wonderful family and romantic sessions with the most beautiful views.


  • The Yacht Club:


The Yacht Club, located in Bebek, is one of the best tourist attractions. It has a very large marina for yachts and cruise ships owned by rich people of Bebek. It can be rented for a great cruise along the Bebek coast and enjoy Fishing while seeing the most famous sights of the neighborhood remotely.


  • The Asian Museum:


It was built in 1945 (Asiyan, which was Müzesi) or in Turkish is Asian. It  reviews the biographies of modern and contemporary literary artists in Asia and the world and their most important literary works. A decision was taken to be transformed into a cultural museum and a literary club for lovers of literature, art and poetry in 1945. It was named the New Art Museum. 

Bebek an area with one of Istanbul's most charming views 3 Istanbul

  • Bebek area restaurants:

Bebek Istanbul has a number of fine restaurants and cafes that offer customers the most delicious local and international meals and delicious drinks with wonderful views of the Bebek coast and its garden.For example, by visiting a restaurant in the region you can taste countless types of fish, fresh seafood or visit one of the many restaurants specializing in making barbecues and enjoying the traditional Turkish flavor of kebab and kofta. 

Bebek an area with one of Istanbul's most charming views 4 Istanbul

Shopping in Bebek:

Bebek Street in Istanbul has a huge chain of shopping malls and high-end stores that contain the most famous international fashion brands. Luxury apartments from Bebek Istanbul in trendy malls.


The sophistication of Istanbul’s Bebek area and the natural beauty of the city make it a tourist destination with excellence, where visitors flock throughout the year many times tirelessly.