Besiktas area in Istanbul

Besiktas area in Istanbul



Besiktas is one of the most important and popular areas of Istanbul. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and overlooking the Bosphorus. Besiktas center is located in the Ortakoy region, where this area is considered as the second city of Istanbul after Qassim area. Besiktas is a cultural and artistic center of the local citizens and a destination for tourists from around the world because it has many natural and historical sights.

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Besiktas most important sights:

Besiktas is rich of many historical and recreational areas, which offers its visitors many cultural and artistic activities, the most important of which are:


  •  BesiktasPort


It is one of the most famous ports in Turkey. A boat or sea ferry can be taken in the Bosphorus to the Coast of Ortakoy and the most important historical landmarks overlooking it. Or take a trip through this port to the coast of Asia. In addition, there is a market at the door of this port to sell accessories and decorative tools at low prices. 


  •  Dolmabahce Palace:


It is considered one of the most famous and largest palaces of Turkey dating back to the Ottoman caliphate. The palace consists of approximately 300 rooms and served as the main administrative center of the late Ottoman Empire as it is widely known for its internal and external affairs. The palace is decorated with a wealth of gold and crystal, and it is clear in this palace how the integration of the Ottoman-European era, which combines baroque, rococo, and neoclassical elements, with traditional Ottoman architecture, in addition to the existence of a unique collection of oil paintings .


  • Yildiz Palace


It is one of the most popular attractions to visit tourists of different nationalities. The palace dates back to the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid II, who used the palace as the administrative headquarters of state affairs. Yildiz Park is famous for its diverse and diverse species of trees, plants and roses from around the world, which are estimated to number in the hundreds and give the garden a special look during the spring. Yildiz Palace besiktas Istanbul is also connected to The Chiragan Ortakoy Palace by an elegant marble bridge that you can easily cross to visit the other palace after the tour at Yildiz Palace.


  •  Chergan Palace


This palace was built at the end of the glory of the Ottoman Empire, and was built between the years 1861 and 1872. The construction of this palace combines between baroque styles and soft colors that gives an authentic inspiration. Now it is considered a very luxurious 5-star building.

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  • Yildiz Park


Yildiz Park is one of the largest green gardens in the Besiktas region and was part of the Imperial Garden, which houses a wide range of plants, flowers and trees collected from around the world. April is one of the best seasons to visit the park to see the picturesque spring flowers.. 


  •  Navy Museum:


It is one of the most important and ancient landmarks of Besiktas Istanbul. Its importance stems from the existence of historical documents, real or stereoscopic models of ships, war cannons and navigation tools used by ottoman sultans during their wars, with the presence of photo galleries and audio-visual materials explaining the most important naval battles in the history of the state.


  • Sinan Pasha Mosque:


Sinan Pasha Mosque is one of the most beautiful architectural artifacts found in Besiktas. The mosque bears the name of the most innovative and innovative Ottoman architects in their field. The mosque is characterized by its central dome, columns, hexagonal arches and elaborate blue and gold motifs that adorn the interior with stained glass windows. The outdoor courtyard also adorns the glass ablution fountain in the courtyard, which is shaded by marble umbrellas that maintain the purity and cleanliness of its waters and protect it from pollution. 


  • Tomb of Barbarossa:


Barbarossa is the famous sailor who has brought the world to his story of legends and stories for centuries. He was the one who roamed the world and became famous in different countries before living in a house in Besiktas in Turkey, where he was buried and became famous and legends are made.


  • Besiktas Bazaar:


It is one of istanbul’s most popular shopping destinations in Besiktas. Fish, seafood, vegetables, fresh fruit and stylish collections of clothing can be purchased at low prices.


Besiktas region hotels:

The Besiktas region has some of the finest and best hotels in Turkey Istanbul in terms of the quality of the facilities and services provided, the location of transportation and attractions, the level of prices suitable for the different features, which makes many Arab and foreign visitors prefer to live in the Besiktas area than any other area of Istanbul.


Restaurants in Besiktas:

Besiktas has dozens of fine restaurants serving local Turkish meals, particularly Istanbul and Besiktas, as well as some international meals such as:

– Fish and seafood with ayran and delicious Turkish appetizers at the restaurants surrounding the Fish Market in Besiktas.

– Chicken with the Portuguese blend and flavor served by a restaurant on Barbarossa Street towards the Sultan Mohammed al-Fatih Bridge.

– Eggplant, garlic yogurt, yabrq ( grape leaves), shawarma and meatballs with Turkish-style dough, kombir (grilled potatoes with cheese, olives and vegetables) in the neighborhood’s other sub-restaurants. 

– Carts of street vendors who sell corn and grilled chestnuts for dessert and provide warmth on cold winter nights or entertainment on summer nights.


Shopping in the Besiktas region:

Besiktas is home to some of Istanbul’s best traditional markets, which outperform the sale of fresh, sour food, stylish and cheap accessories. Istanbul’s most important shopping district, Besiktas, is one of Istanbul’s most important bazaars. It is located in front of the port of Khaireddine Barbarossa Pasha leading to Escodar, and other shops and boutiques scattered across Besiktas Street.