Charities in Eid al-Adha,Turkey

Charities in Eid al-Adha,Turkey


Turkey is considered as a model to the world in humanitarian diplomacy. It works during Eid al-Adha through its relief institutions to deliver aid and sacrifice to millions of in need people around the world, and those who have been forced to migrate from their places and countries because of hunger, poverty, natural disasters or wars .

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What Turks do to provide aid on Eid al-Adha?

During Eid al-Adha this year and like any Eid, everyone goes to spend these blessed days with their parents and loved ones. However, there is a large group of young people in Turkey who chose another way to spend the Eid. They left to offer what the Turkish people donated in these days of Eid al-Adha.They carried the trust entrusted to them and spread all over the world to provide aid, from millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of sacrificial animals that provides the smile and joy on the faces of tens of millions of Muslims around the world.


Turkish associations that contribute to aid in Eid al-Adha:

  • Red Crescent Society

It is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Turkey and part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. It was founded in the Ottoman era 151 years ago, it continues to extend the helping all those who are in need in different countries of the world.


– Vision of the Society and provide assistance in the Eid al-

Adha :

Since 2007, the Turkish Red Crescent Society has been campaigning for the sacrifice under the slogan “Let the Eid blessing continue throughout the year”. Ten years ago, the agency was able to deliver sacrificial meat to millions of poor people. The Turkish Red Crescent is employing 2,500 of its staff to cover the distribution of meat for Eid sacrifices this year. Where sacrificial meat was distributed in 51 countries, most notably:Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Greece along with Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Chad and Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia,Guinea, South Sudan, Cameroon, Kenya, Comoros, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Georgia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

  • Mongolia,Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Yemen
  • Tashi Charity Association (charity stone) charity

It is one of the charities in Turkey, and its name indicates that in the past people used to give charity in the marble stones of charity at the mosques to help those in need. This marble stone with two meters height put the charity money and then comes who needs this money to take the amount he needs, whether they need a penny or a hundred, but even the needy were thinking of others who are more desperate and return what they took to the stone again, where others comes to take this charity and prays for those who gave it.


Vision of the Society and provide assistance in theEid al-Adha


The association believes that Eid is a warm home and lap with the presence of family, relatives and parents together under the roof of this house. But for the refugees, the holiday is a unity, sadness and a painful memory of what they have lost and of those who have lost their families in their countries. In order to forget the grief of the refugees in the feast, the association works to help them financially and morally to feel that they are not alone and strange in this country. The society does not only offer them sacrifices but also moral support to give them hope again. On this year’s Eid al-Adha, they worked to cover the needs of the poor and the needy and to send alms, sacrifices and parcels to many countries such as the Balkans, the Caucasus, Syria, Palestine, Bangladesh, Burma, Africa, Afghanistan and South-eastern countries, Asia and East Asia so they can make them happy on Eid al-Adha.

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How does Hajar Charity Association deal with sacrificial animals, how are sacrificial requests received and how are they sent?


Anyone who wants to make a sacrifice must contact the association and submit a request in the sacrifice on the website of the association, where the donor can pay the price of the sacrifice on the site or send the amount through the bank. The donor must specify where he wants the slaughter take place and once the slaughter is completed, an SMS is sent to his cell phone inform him with the completion.


Yardim to Relief Society

The Yardim Foundation is also making similar efforts in 30 countries and adopting a campaign to plant different plants and seedlings in these countries under the slogan “Sacrifice for brothers and seedlings of humanity”. Where the Association set the amount of 25 TR over sacrificial instruments instead of planting or planting seedlings in those countries for those who wish to share sacrificial animals, and set the allowance of the sacrifice instrument for Africa and Asia to 650 TR, 950 TR for Turkey, Syria, the Middle East, the Balkans, and 1500 TR in Palestine for Gaza City.

  • Fanar Al Bahar Charity Association

This society slaughtered the sacrifices in 30 countries and the slogan of its campaign this year to “make your sacrifices a feast for the in-needs”, and set the allowance of the instrument of sacrifice outside the homeland by 720 TR, and at home 1200 TR

  • KardashAlli Association

Its activities are in Turkey as well as Palestine (Gaza), Yemen, Chad, Uganda, Bangladesh,under the slogan “sacrifice is thanks to God and blessing is growing with their participation,” and informs the allowance of the instrument of sacrifice 475 TL.

  • Physicians of the Earth Association

In Eid al-Adha this association functions in nine countries where sacrifices are slaughtered and distributed the needy, under the slogan “Let the sacrifice and be healthy,” and identified an instrument allowance the sacrifice is 680 TR.

  • Friends of Africa

During Eid it functions in Sudan and Ethiopia and the amount of the sacrifice instrument is 600 liras.The International Cooperation and Takaful Association will only go to Ethiopia And specify an instrument allowance the sacrifice is 700 liras.


#This is how Turkey deals with millions of Muslims around the world during Eid al-Adha, it provides help to those in need.