Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul : A Golden Opportunities for Safe Investments


Napoleon Bonaparte said,” if the world has a capital it would be Istanbul’ Turkey is strategically situated on the north of the Arab world and on the east of the European continent. It is an emerging and developed country and among the 11 most powerful economies in the world. It is growing within a stable plan. It is a promising country by all standards.


Real estate investment in Turkey is very lucrative. Investors can recover and recycle capital in a relatively short period of time. Commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the best investment opportunities in terms of high profitability in the short term.


Types of real estate:



If we want to categorize the real estate in Turkey into several types, including residential real estate such as apartments, villas, chalets and industrial real estate, including industrial cities, factories, warehouses and commercial real estate such as administrative buildings, commercial centers, shops,


markets and agricultural real estate, including farms, parks and others, and finally Endowments properties such as government projects, universities, mosques, churches, .


Real estate investment in Turkey:


In the current days Turkey has become a gateway to smart investment and economic business from the East and the West, and has become an attractive destination for business and investment opportunities. Istanbul, Antalya and Yelova are among the most targeted cities for investment, along with other central Turkish cities, These booming cities are the preferred options for those looking for safe investment in commercial real estate.


Items to consider when buying commercial properties:


When you decide to purchase any of the commercial properties in Turkey in a working way, you have to consider the following aspects:


Easy access to main roads so that the office is close to the main roads in the city.


  • The office should be comfortable and comfortable for those who wish to work in an ideal environment free of pressure and raise the level of work performance.


  • The office is available for internal or external parking and valet service.


  • The office has windows that can be opened in all rooms to improve ventilation.


  • Preferably near commercial banks.


  • The commercial office building is supposed to have a technological infrastructure that is in keeping with important modern developments.


  • Modern elevators must be available in commercial complexes that are periodically maintained.


  • Central heating services, of great importance in commercial offices.

Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul : A Golden Opportunities for Safe Investments 1 Investment In Istanbul

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Why Invest in Istanbul

In Istanbul, you can find the best option to buy an office, a shop or any commercial property, to do your business, or to invest in real estate and lease it to other businessmen, or even through resale, bringing you profitable returns. Foreign funds, which are being pumped into Turkey recently, are tangible evidence of the increasing levels of trade confidence in Turkey’s promising economy.

Government facilities and exemptions for the real estate sector in particular have contributed to the encouragement of the commercial sector and the influx of investors seeking shops and stores for sale in Turkey.


Investment attractions in Turkey:


Among the attractions for investors is the good morals of Turkish citizens, furthermore the picturesque nature of the Mountains, Pure Blue Bosphorus, Bursa Falls, and many other attractions with charming weather that is mild in summer and winter. Tourism is a profitable option by looking for hotels for sale in Turkey. Turkey is also one of the preferred options for expatriates and foreigners looking to relocate to Turkey with their families.

Occupancy rates in Turkey’s hotels in 2017 and 2018 are 85%. Therefore, investment in the tourism sector by purchasing a hotel in Turkey is the best investment for those looking for permanent profitability in the tourism sector in Turkey. The average price of the room in the tourist seasons ranges from 130-150 euro per day in good hotels, and with these high occupancy rates, it is difficult to find a


better real estate investment than this. The hotels and resorts are high class of 3-star and 4-star and 5- star, the destination of most of the Arab tourists coming to Istanbul And other Turkish cities, and it is wonderful N choose an exceptional hotel, and it’s a fruitful and ready business, owned and reap the profits.


The price of apartments in Turkey has increased in recent years, so the purchase of buildings and residential buildings has become an important investment means. The purchase of  buildings for investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable options.

where in cities Such as Ankara and Istanbul, reached about 100 percent.


Investing in Turkey is the best choice and winner:


The overwhelming response from investors to launch their businesses and projects in Turkey, makes investment in the purchase of Ponds and commercial buildings, a profitable option. rentals and sales of shops, offices and stores should be kept in mind  when you buy in Turkey for the purpose of investment, it is advisable to focus only on the well-known areas with prices in expensive.


, But it is recommended to go to most areas of the Turkish cities that attracted real estate investment, and to the areas under development, and seek new transportation projects such as airports, railways and bridges, as well as urban development projects that undertake the modernization of cities and even the establishment and planning of new cities, Very suitable for entry, more than prefabricated areas where prices peaked.


The future of real estate in Turkey:


The sale of real estate to foreigners will be at the forefront of the development tools of the Turkish real estate market in 2018, by facilitating the purchase of real estate and the reduction of routine procedures, in addition to granting the possibility of convenient installment for foreign investors, as well as the advantages granted by the Turkish state for those interested in investing in real estate, Such as exempting them from some taxes in part and in full, and granting them residency and Turkish nationality in case they own property of a certain value, and many of these commercial properties with distinctive sites and beautiful charming views, competitive prices at the level of luxury properties globally.