Comprehensive guide to understanding the Public transport card


Turkey is a big country, especially the city of Istanbul, where more than 13 million people live, at both the European and Asian side, and this sometimes makes you take more than two or three hours to reach the desired location, but the means of transportation and public transport are very diverse, such as * Metro, Metrobus, Marmaray, Bus , Mini Bus ,Trains, tramway, sea ferry.

There are also special transport means such as taxis but its prices are relatively high.

If there is a desire to stay or settle in Turkey for a long time, you must get the unified transport card provided by the municipality for use in all means of public transportation, as it is indispensable when going around the city.

Transportation card and its types:

The cards are an electronic card coated with plastic, similar to bank cards , prepaid and rechargeable, used for commuting in public transport , and these cards are Available in several types:

Comprehensive guide to understanding the Public transport card 1 Discover Turkey

Istanbul Card:

It is a plastic-coated metal card, which is prepaid and can be used in all public transport, and can be purchased for 7 lira without any balance from public bus stops or small shops on the Streets. The card can be charged with any amount that the person wants from these stores or from the machines which are located within public transport stations, by placing the card on the machine and then you enter the amount to be filled in the card, then after the value of the amount appears on the machine as added to the card balance you can take the card back.

Blue Card:

It is a monthly card suitable for people who travel a lot in Istanbul and on a daily basis , this card differs from the regular Istanbul card as being subject to subscription, no other person can use it except the owner and this card is valid for two years from the date of issue.


The cost of the blue card:

The cost of the subscription and application for the card is 10 Turkish Lira payable upon application and after receiving the card. The balance can be charged with the amount of 205 TRY per month and it allows the use of any means of public transport with a subscription approximately 200 times per month, in case of losing the card an alternative card requires another 10 liras, and if another alternative card is requested for a third time you will have to pay 20 liras, and the fourth time is a payment of 40 Turkish liras to get a new one.

How to get a blue card :

The card is requested from certified locations or by applying online.


Application through certified centers:

There are several accredited centers in Istanbul, it is preferred to go to the nearest center, and submit the application accompanied by a passport, or residence permit plus a personal photograph, to be presented with the application, the card can be made directly on the spot.


Order online:

Apply online and send the documents to theregistered address, but before you start the application you must pay 10 lira at the bank. The online process requests you to fill in the required data, upload your profile and set your contact addressthe address where you want the card to be delivered, and also enter the bank payment receipt.

Note This card is used in most land and sea transportation except some cruises such as the Princess Islands.


Student Card:

This is a special card for students, whether it is university students or schools, with this card you get a discount of 60% or more on all transportation in the city.


How to get the student card:

This card is obtained the same way as the blue card, either by internet or going to a nearby authorized center, with a personal photo, passport/Turkish residence and a paper from the educational institution proving that you are a registered student.


The amount of discount on the student card:

  • Metrobus for more than 27 stations * 3:55 >>> 1:90 TL.
  • Bus, Metro, tramway, cable car for the first trip it is at 2:30 TL and when switching *
  • The first switch * 1: 65 >>> 0:95
  • Second switch * 1: 25 >>> 0:75
  • third and fourth switch * 0: 85 >>> 0:50
  • The monthly subscription is 200 points for 85 tl


And to get the reduction on the switch in the same ride the switch should be after 10 minutes of the previous use, and it continues to calculate the reduction for two hours, and when switching from any transport means to the metrobus there is no reduction on the metrobus fare, but when switch from Metrobus to any other mean you get your trip discount for two hours.


Staff Card:

This card contains a significant reduction, and is only for governmentally retired employees and the method of submission is the same as the blue card and the student card in addition to proving that the person is a government employee.


How to pay the fare through the card for transportation:

When entering the station there are traffic devices, once you pass the card in the right spot, it starts by allowing only one person to enter for traffic reasons, and for buses there is a small device next to the drivers cabin, it works by placing the card on it, and it will deduct the amount.

Comprehensive guide to understanding the Public transport card 2 Discover Turkey

Notes :

  • In all transportation, children under 6 years are free of charge.


  • If the card is lost or forgotten or the card does not have sufficient credit to enter, other passengers cards can be used and then you can pay the amount deducted back.


  • On most public holidays in Turkey, transportation is free.