Discover apartments prices in Istanbul

The magic of legendary beauty, the history, the modernity and development of the present. The strong, bright future, it is Istanbul. The city which witnessed the massive demand of Arab and foreign investors, in addition to the largest international companies, take a seat to be part of all of the advantage of this city, known for its generosity and hospitality of its people


Istanbul is distinguished by its different regions and diversity. Whatever your request, you will find it here. This city gives you sea views. If you want, you will have views of the forest as an option, and you will have views of the modern side of the city and the historical side, not to mention the views of the lakes and rivers. Have you ever seen such as a generous in the world?


Istanbul extends geographically on the continents of Asia and Europe and we can divide the projects as follows:

  • Bahcesehir Area:

Discover apartments prices in Istanbul 1 Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Buying, Istanbul

This area is characterized by proximity to the new major projects of Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Canal project, which will connect the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara through the Kucukcekmece Lake with a length of 45 km. The Turkish government seeks to ease the pressure on the bosphorus .The project has been named the Project of the century. The General Directorate of Roads will establish several bridges and harbors along the canal. Istanbul’s third airport will also add value to the region, which will be the world’s largest airport with an area of ​​7,659 hectares and cost 23 billion and 399 million euros, of which 10 billion and 247 million euros is the cost of construction without operating. The green spaces and the gardens extend to the depth of view, which gives this area an aesthetic that cannot be denied by anyone.


  • Esenyurt Area:

This area is bordered by the Bahcesehir region and is characterized by its distinctive prices that make the new properties accessible to everyone. This area contains many high standard residential complexes and has a large population base, which leads to diversity of employment opportunities and also contains many recreational and service places


  • Beylikduzu Area:


This is a very distinctive region, where in recent years there has been a rapid development and a growing demand by both Arab and foreign investors as the only coastal land available in Istanbul, which has made real estate investors runs to buy properties there. The Beylikduzu region corresponds to the specifications of cities in Europe, which emulates international standards and has multiple transport links, making it one of the preferred areas for residents.

  • Eyup Area:

This area has a deep historical value, with many mosques and churches in addition to many important tourist attractions in Istanbul. All public transport serves the entire area of Metro, Metrobus, Busses and Taxies. Its importance lies in its proximity to all regions of Istanbul equally

  • Sisli and Maslak Area:

Discover apartments prices in Istanbul 2 Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Buying, Istanbul

This site gives special value to existing projects and makes it the most important place for many. The presence of the largest financial and investment companies makes rental returns for real estate a certainty. The area is characterized by a large number of towers and luxury hotels and shopping malls, which is the first destination of tourists coming to Istanbul, such as the Cevahir Mall in addition to many museums, churches and mosques.

There are many elements that must be taken into account when choosing the most proper property:

  • Determine the purpose of buying the new property I mean whether you are investment or housing or both
  • Determine the budget allocated for this
  • Search for the most developed and experienced companies
  • Find an appropriate payment plan for the allocated budget
  • See the prices offers provided by companies each period

Istanbul is undisputedly the best city for living and investment. It is the only city in the world to span along two continents with an area of 6,500 square kilometers. The 39 districts of this magnificent city will give you various properties and lands that will suit your needs and meet your ambitions and fantasies about the perfect life.