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Turkey is a country where the civilization of the West and East blends together. Turkish modern experience in the state and society is one of the most important models for the advancement at the regional and international level.The first decade of the third millennium witnessed a huge educational, economic, social and political boom. Among the countries of the world in scientific research, Turkey has advanced according to reports and scientific standards to measure the rate of progress in scientific research, including publishing in international scientific journals, and obtaining ingenuity of invention, scientific innovation and international awards.

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The most important reasons for choosing to study in Turkey:



  • A multicultural country


 Turkey is a bridge between East and West, because it is located between the continents of Asia and Europe, and the close location to the African continent. Because of multiculturalism, all visitors feel they are at home.  Annually, more than 30 thousand international students come to Turkey to study, with numbers Growing from the continent of Europe, Africa, the United States and Asia.



  • Universities are prestigious and their educational level is very high


Turkish universities provide highly qualified teaching cadres, and grant degrees and certificates recognized in all parts of the world, in all disciplines, as well as the great attention paid by Turkey to the field of scientific research, raising the budget of scientific research in 2009 to 8.5 billion pounds, which made Turkey is the fastest growing country in scientific research and studies.



  • A country with a standard of living suitable for students


Turkey combines high-quality universities with an appropriate standard of living that is cheaper than most European countries, as well as great opportunities to receive scholarships compared to universities in other countries. Cost of living, insurance and travel are affordable.



  • A charming country by nature


Turkey overlooks four seas: the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait.



  • A country with a long history


Turkey is a unique country filled with archaeological sites of many different civilizations such as: Ottomans, Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilization, where Turkey is an opportunity for students not only to study but to acquire a very important historical culture.



  • Work and study at the same time


There is no doubt that every expatriate student needs a job to be able to meet their needs in the country of alienation.


– On campus:

The student needs approval from the university to work, as many universities offer job opportunities within the university.


Off campus:

The student is entitled to work outside the university, but the student needs to obtain a part-time work permit from the Turkish government. International students enrolled in short-term programs are therefore unable to find employment off-campus.

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  • The choice of learning English in Turkish universities:


Many Turkish universities teach their programs in English instead of Turkish, as well as opportunities to learn English, making it easier for international students.



  • Student Accommodation in Turkey:


Turkish universities offer students accommodation on campus. External housing is also available by renting an apartment or room and costs are often appropriate cost.


Types of Turkish Universities:



  • Public Universities:


Public universities are considered the best universities in Turkey, which occupies advanced positions globally and locally. To enroll in public universities, you must pass the students test of capabilities Elios, and Sat.



  • Private Universities:


Private universities in Turkey do not need the entrance exams Elios And Sat as it is in public universities. It only needs a high school diploma.  Private universities offer study in English and Turkish.


Documents required for registration in Turkish universities:

– A copy of the final transcript of the secondary grades for those who have completed it, or a copy of the transcripts of the first semester for those who have not completed the academic year.

– A copy of the secondary school certificate.

– Copy of passport or identity card.

– A small personal photograph.


Tuition and living costs for students in Turkey:

The cost of studying in Turkey varies depending on the type of university. Public universities have a cost of US $ 250-2,500 per academic year. Private universities cost between US $ 4,000 and US $ 16,000 per year. Depending on the type of accommodation, whether it is on campus or independent accommodation outside the university. The cost of living and housing in Turkey ranges from $ 400 to $ 600. These costs include transportation and food but may vary from person to person, depending on the way of living.


All these reasons motivate students to study in Turkey. The Turkish government aspires to make Turkey among the top 15 countries in higher education by 2020 which pushes Turkey to provide as many scholarships as possible fully or partially funded in order to attract as many elite students as possible.