Istanbul Most Suitable Properties For Investment

     Properties suitable for investment in Istanbul have many differences in general as ROI usually differs according to the type of property that investors are choosing. Each property type presents a different value and offers different capital rotation period as some properties are more suitable for long term investors and some properties are more suitable for short term investments.


Types of properties suitable for investment:


  • Residential Units:


Such as residential apartments, summer houses and residential towers that investors usually buy to collect an annual rental income and take advantage of annual price increase.

This type of investment is suitable for those interested in short-term investment as the residential apartments are considered the highest demand therefore the movement of selling and renting is being smooth and fast for such types of units.

  • Commercial Offices:


Which is considered as one of the most important long-term investment strategies that ensures a stable cash flow for a long time based on the terms of the tenancy contract with a higher rental income than the residential apartments, in addition to the annual price increase in property prices.

  • Hotel Apartments:


This type of investment is suitable for those wishing to invest in the field of tourism and obtain rental income guaranteed by contract for a specific period and the owner of the property may also use his hotel apartment for a certain period of the year.