Who doesn’t like Hazelnut!!!

Well, there might be some people who really don’t like it. That’s why I won’t be writing here about love, especially when it comes to food. Where each one of us has his / her own favorite taste and no one like to be criticized about it, it’s yours and will be always yours. In this article, I will mention some ancient history of these nuts, melting it with the Turkish flavor, and of course I won’t forget to mention some of its benefits.

History of Hazelnut:

In 1995, some archaeologists in Scotland have discovered an important discovery for the Hazelnut history. They have discovered a shallow pit full of the remains of hundreds of thousands of burned hazelnut shells. When they checked it and speculated its age, they said it goes back to more than 9000 years ago. This discovery has been recorded as the oldest existing of Hazelnut on our planet. Who knows, it might have been here much longer. Anyway, enjoy the taste of these nuts, who survived all these years just for YOU!

Nowadays, Scotland has no place in the heart of Hazelnut, Turkey is dominating this area. Turkey now is ranked as the most country who produce and export Hazelnut with more than 70% of the total production. Big number right!! Furthermore, Turkish Hazelnut is the best kind of Hazelnut. That’s why domination the market wasn’t that hard. We all like to taste the best tastes, and that is what Turkey do here.


Hazelnut’s Benefits:

1)     Rich source of Omega 3, which boost your mentality and body performance.

2)     It has compounds of polyphenol, which protect our bodies from dangers diseases such as, cancer and heart diseases.

3)     It has a good percentage of “Vitamin E” anti-oxidic compound.

4)     It improves the formation of sperm in men, which increases the chances of fetal formation.

Of course, there are still many benefits of Hazelnut, but as I have mentioned before, I will be mentioning some of its benefits. So please if you want to discover its benefits more, go and do you own research reading from academic articles and trusted sources.


The Hazelnut of Turkey:

Hazelnut fields are considered as the most important crops in Turkey. Since they are the top ranked exporters of it, they need to produce more. That’s why they use all the western Black Sea cost to plant the Hazelnut. Starting from “Zonguldak” until reaching the Georgian boundary, with more than 30 km of crops. More than 4.000.000 people are directly or indirectly related to hazelnut which has been produced on an area of 550-600 thousand hectares in Turkey.


The Hazelnut interact with many other Turkish products. Most importantly is chocolate. Of course, you have tasted that kind of chocolate which you couldn’t forget. Yes, that kind is mixed with Hazelnut.

My last words for you in this article would be, Of course whenever you come to Turkey, you should buy some Hazelnut from its best land.