How does Turkey Greet the Eid?

Eid is a word that brings together joy and love at once, and for the Muslims, Eidan, the first is Eid Mushrooms that will be dissolved after a few days, which is the feast that comes after the fast of Ramadan and Muslims see great joy after a month in which they worship God in different ways, including Reciting Qur’aan, performing prayers in mosques or going to perform Umrah.

Eid in Turkey:


 The feast with the Turks has its own atmosphere and is celebrated throughout Turkey and EidMushroom is one of the most important religious holidays celebrated by the Turks, and they call it several names Ramadan, and Sugar Day, and celebrate it in their own way, for three and a half days Where the celebrations begin from the last half day of Ramadan, and continue for the three days The first of the month of Shawwal .

How do Turks start preparing for Eid al Fitr?

Although there are some differences regarding the Eid reception
between Turkey and countries But there are many similar things,
and the customs of preparing the Turks To receive Eid as follows:

– Buying new clothes to receive the feast with full joy and pleasure.
– Preparation of sweets, Kach Eid and purchase of throat, Baklava,
cans of chocolate, Cognac, And the flash which is prepared during
the last days of the month of Ramadan, where Eid al-Fitr is a feast for
these The dessert, which is a bread pudding or a filo paste and added
rose water, is added to it Pistachios and hazelnuts.

– They carry out a comprehensive house cleaning campaign with all
its contents, and they spread the flowers on The honor of houses,
and the suspension of decorative lights to express the joy and
pleasure of the coming of the feast.
– Distribution of grape leaves, ponds, baklava and some sugars
prepared at home on children Before Eid, and it is customary for
children to prepare their bags and go to houses Neighbors to collect
what distributes neighbors.

How do Turks greet Eid al-Fitr?

– Eid prayers :

Preyer in Istanbul
The mosques begin to zoom in. God is greatest. There is no God but
God. Allah is the greatest of allah. Praise be to Allah Great and thank
God very much, and Glory be to God and the renaissance of God
alone, the truth of his promise, And defeated the parties alone, not God but God, after which everyone begins to equip themselves, and wear New clothes and the addition of the most beautiful perfume
that shows the joy of the feast, and then addressed Candy or pass
and then go to the mosque to chant the festivities with a low voice
And to pay tribute to the Muslims and listen to the sermon and then
perform the Eid prayer and after Ending the Eid prayer The
worshipers line up to greet one another as Eid comes .

– After the return of the Eid prayer:

When they return home, the young people kiss the hand of the
adults and congratulate them. The son accepts the father’s hand and
the grandfather, and the father accepts the hand of the grandfather
and say during that phrase in the sense “to be blessed Eid Mubarak”

– Eating breakfast Eid:

In Turkish villages men eat breakfast after Eid prayers, where the
youth of the village they prepare the breakfast from their homes,
they prepare a large dining table, and after the food they go .
– Supplying the Eid Sweets table to receive visitors:
The housewife begins with the preparation of chocolate boxes
and holiday cakes, and traditional Turkish sweets, such as
Sweet taste, sweetness, judge’s bite, almond powder candy,
plant sugar, marzipan, and cold drinks and coffee, and then
processing them on a table to address them all come to
congratulate the arrival of the feast.

– Visit tombs:

People visit the graves accompanied by bouquets of flowers over the days of Eid, and call for their mercy.
– Family visits:
Family visits are the first days of Eid al-Fitr, an essential part of
Turkish customs and traditions which has been inherited for
generations, and the priority of visits on the first day of Eid al-Fitr is
visiting relatives older, and then come visit the rest of relatives,
friends and neighbors, and up the duration of the visit one family in
Turkey for about 50 minutes, during which candy and chocolate, cold
drinks, Turkish tea and coffee.

– Where the Turks go on Eid:

Turkey is a beautiful country, and there are many places where people can visit in Eid, for children they go in accompanied by friends to watch the well-known Turkish games, such as Hakvat, and karajoz, free of charge without charge, and Turkish families are on holiday Mushrooms go to the well-known Turkish resorts such as: Ozongol , Aydar, Lara Beach, Resort the neighbor, Nirmal Resort, Diodin Falls, and Puppet hill, which is characterized by its striking beauty, which crowded with Arab and foreign tourists at thi

– The most beautiful places and resorts for the Eid holiday in Istanbul:

– Water Garden Istanbul:

How does Turkey Greet the Eid? 1 Discover Turkey
It is one of the newest and largest entertainment centers in
Istanbul’s Atachheir area, and has many of restaurants,
entertainment areas, gardens, cinemas, shops, and the center
A large water pond is used for displays of lights, laser, and
synchronized fireworks with performances and music, which
give the place a special atmosphere that distinguishes it from
the Baii places.

– Aqua Dolphin Istanbul:

Turks prefer to go to Aqua Floria for a holiday filled with vitality
and happiness, where it contains many water games that are
suitable for adults and young people.

– Chamilga Hill:

How does Turkey Greet the Eid? 2 Discover Turkey
It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, a charming place for
nature lovers breathe fresh air, and there are festivals and
holiday celebrations and holidays.

– Villand Istanbul:

How does Turkey Greet the Eid? 3 Discover Turkey
The city of Vialand is one of the most important cities in Istanbul
Which is preferred by many tourists, and residents of Turkey to visit
the holiday because the largest a special plalce for shopping and
entertainment, and most importantly its a theme park no different
from Disney Located in the United States of America, and also has
venues dedicated to the establishment of exhibitions.

– Tourism in Turkey on holiday:

Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist areas around the world. It
is full of historical, religious and entertainment, and its strategic
location is distinctive because it combines European character the
eastern character of this destination is considered the first
destination for tourists wishing to spend the Eid holiday  to
experience new and diverse tourism rituals outside their own