How small investments are done in Turkey

Small Investments in Turkey


There are many investments in Turkey, and what makes this investment grow is the strength of the economy and its expansion to the real estate market and its different fields,and government facilities and incentives provided to investors.

For example, the government in Turkey provides support for different fields of investments in Turkey such as general trade, agriculture and food,Real Estate, Car spare parts, Vehicles, Transport Equip IDM, Import and Export, Engines and parts of the IDM finance and others.

In 2007, the investment market in Turkey began to flourish in conjunction with political and economic stability. This made the country a major attraction for foreign investments from arab and foreign investors who started to move to the investment market in Turkey.

Investment Defined:

It is a set of activities and methods used to invest funds, and run them through different economic projects to obtain benefits and values for both investors and the community.

Reasons to invest in Turkey:

  • Turkey’s openness to the Arab and European markets.
  • Rapid economic growth in Turkey.
  • Facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors in Turkey.

What to do before you start investing small funds:

Before doing your small investments, you have to consider the following things:

  • Disposal of debts
  • have a clear budget
  • Develop a tight investment plan
  • Identify plans and objectives
  • Choose the right investment
  • Investment diversification is required
  • Taking into account the expected period

Steps to invest small money:

At the beginning of investment things are not so easy, but an investor who thinks in a good way will be able to bypass the problems that may be encountered at the beginning of the project. This is because the starting point for investment and the establishment of the project is the most difficult stage. At First, the investor must study the reality surrounding the project, and the needs that society in order to establish Small enterprises that meet their requirements.

How small investments are done in Turkey 1 Investment In Turkey

Hence, we look at some steps to invest small money:

  • Making a hobby into a real project

Projects that start with a hobby evolve to become a source of creativity for professional and distinctive work, then it will become a successful and profitable project.

  • Provide what the community needs and is not realistically available

Any search for new products or services should be on what is not available in the surrounding regions of the project and try to provide them.

  • Problem solving may contribute to the start of a profitable business

Search for problems and inquire about problems facing the environment of the project and find the necessary solutions

The most important ways to invest small funds

Real estate investment

It is considered one of the most successful investments,and the largest growth and profitability sectors in the world including Turkey.

If we look at the map of investment destinations, Turkey has turned into a gateway to attract smart investments and economic business from East and West, where it became a destination for searchers for excellent headquarters to launch commercial and investment activities,where the cities of Istanbul and Antalya Following the list of the most investment-oriented cities, along with other central Turkish cities, these thriving cities are preferred options for those looking for safe investment in commercial real estate.

Real estate investment options in Turkey

Buy a ready-made apartment in a project and then rent it out. Or, to ensure a fixed monthly return buy an old property and renovate it, then sell it at a higher price than the purchase price, Or Buy a property in a project under construction in strategic area sell it at a higher price after the project.

Investment in land located in strategic locations that may fall within the organizational plans and then the possibility of building residential complexes, to be sold later at a double price.

How small investments are done in Turkey 2 Investment In Turkey

Industrial and commercial investments

Turkey has about 300 industrial zones spread over more

than 80 provinces. Most importantly is what distinguishes them, such as the exemption of new companies from property taxes for5 years, and you get cuts in all costs associated with the key services factories need. This makes it a viable investment opportunity for many. Moreover, when doing business in Turkey through establishing a limited liability company, joint stock companies, or joint venture, the investor gets many incentives in all Turkish cities .

Banking investments

Due to the high demand for the Turkish real estate market, shares have entered this sector recently within the stock market to be traded. Examples of banking investments are:

How small investments are done in Turkey 3 Investment In Turkey


These are financial shares that are purchased within the capital of companies and institutions which offer a portion of their shares to be traded, so that the investor becomes a shareholder next to the owners of the companies, institutions, or a shareholder of a capital increases over time.

Usually stocks make a profit by offering them to trade by selling them, such as buying shares by 700$and several months later to sell them for $1200 dollars when the stock value rises in the financial market.


They are securities with varying financial values. Bonds Operate in accordance with the principle of debt. This means that the investor buys the bonds and deferred payment until they are sold for a higher amount so that he can make a profit out of the invested amount. Such as buying and then offering $ 800 bonds on a deferred repayment period for sale worth $ 900, when selling you get a profit of $ 100 .

Investment funds

It is a group of financial funds containing stocks and bonds. In this case, investors buy the base, then they work on it according to their respective fields, then they are subsequently sold at a price higher than the purchase price, so the investment concept is applied.

Investment funds usually focus on converting the value of bonds and small stocks to a large value, if the owner does not want to sell it at a price higher than the purchase price whether large or small, the investor can find his way in a world of Turkish investments with the increase of the government interest in foreign investments through motivating them to buy their real estate and invest in their companies.