How to spend a successful Eid Holiday in istanbul ?

Istanbul has been a desirable holiday destination for people from all around the world. This is due to the great historical value the city holds and to the outstanding beauty the visitor witness in the city. As we approach Eid, a lot of families and individuals around the world start planning their holiday’s tips to places all around the world and istanbul must be on the top of the list to countless individuals.

This article won’t only explain to you why istanbul is a great Eid destination, it will also explain to you how to have an unforgettable Eid holiday in the city


Extra ferries !



It’s very common for people to think that due to the Eid Holiday that transportation will be harder and it’ll be harder to transport within the city on between the different cities in the country. But on the contrary, During Eid extra ferries trip will take place to accommodate the number of passengers wishing to use their holiday in Turkey’s islands.


Amazing weather


The Season around Eid is always pleasant as the temperature moves between 22-26 degrees with a slight chill in the night time or on mountain tops. The amazing weather makes it easier for you to plan your trip with no concern to rain or other natural inconveniences .


Free transportation ( Possibly )


The law in istanbul doesn’t state in anyway that the First day of Eid has to have free transportation, but it became more and more common for the government to announce that the first day of Eid is free of any transportation charges. If you take advantage of this day of free transportation you’ll be able to visit and see places from all around the city without paying a dime for buses or metos.


Amazing Locations


Istanbul is filled with amazing locations and attraction that you can visit anytime of the year, but for some reason the city becomes way more lively during Eid. more people walk in the street and the overall atmosphere is filled with joy. We encourage you to take advantage of such a lively atmosphere and visit one of the following locations.


Prince Islands

Prince Islands are often one of the most visited attractions in istanbul. The set of three islands next to each other with amazingly pure water and great gardens making it a great location for a holiday’s BBQ trip followed by a refreshing swim.

Kanyon Istanbul

How to spend a successful Eid Holiday in istanbul ? 1 Istanbul, Discover Turkey

Having breakfast in Kanyon Istanbul is a must!, the shape of the great mall gives you constant refreshing breeze of cool air. The mall is pleasant to look at and even more enjoyable while walking in it. It has a great collection of restaurants and cafes to pick from.


Trust us it’s a meal to remember .

Florya Güneş Beach

How to spend a successful Eid Holiday in istanbul ? 2 Istanbul, Discover Turkey

During this time of the year the beach is an amazing location to be at, and Florya beach is one of the best in the country. The sand is clean and the water is pure and the beach is surrounded with cafes and restaurants supplying you with an endless supply of refreshments. Its very hard to visit the beach in florya and not enjoy a relaxing sun bath and a refreshing swim.

Istanbul Aquarium

How to spend a successful Eid Holiday in istanbul ? 3 Istanbul, Discover Turkey

Istanbul aquarium is a great location for families looking to spend a pleasant day out, with it’s great panorama like view of a huge collection of sea life, it’s really hard to resist losing track of time as you track the motion and movement of sharks and stingrays

Vialand theme park

How to spend a successful Eid Holiday in istanbul ? 4 Istanbul, Discover Turkey

And for all of you with kids out there. Vialand theme park offers a wide range of amusement parks entertainment for kids, young adults and adults alike. Vialand theme park is one of the best places to spend a great family time where all the family can get engaged and enjoy and unforgettable Eid. If you check their social media regularly maybe you’ll end up taking advantage of a holidays offer


Eid in Istanbul

Your time in istanbul during Eid can be one of the greatest you’ll ever spend. We just listed a sample of all the activities you can enjoy in the magical city during this time of the year. It’s also important to know that engaging with locals can enhance your time here a lot. Turks celebrate and enjoy Eid as well and having some turkish friends will add countless social activities to your list of activities