Istanbul’s most famous European malls

Istanbul’s most famous European malls



The city of Istanbul is a modern city and heritage is the destination of all tourists around the world. After tourism and visiting archaeological museums and popular markets, it is necessary to visit shopping centers. There is no doubt that the commercial centers in Turkey are witnessing a large and widespread acceptance. In addition to performing the basic functions of the malls, there are also distinct recreational facilities where each mall is distinct from others.

In this article we mention the most important of these malls in European Istanbul:

Venice Mall:

This mall is similar in design to the Italian city. Venice Istanbul is the center of attention for Istanbul visitors, where the location of the complex in the area of ​​Osman Gazi Pasha on the European side of the city of Istanbul, a grate care to urban design and to the finest details of decoration, all this made it an important destination for all tourists It is also known as the Venice Mall, the Venice Mega Mall Outlet has more than 180 shops and is a copy of The Italian City of Venice, where an archaeological square has been built, with a tower around which Italian and international restaurants and cafés are scattered. Trading at the Venice Mall of Istanbul on the  banks of canals interspersed with beautiful boats takes you to Venice, Italy.

Around these canals are several chairs to sit and rest in a charming setting, as well as open air and underground areas. It is cleverly designed to look like a real street, and the roof is an exquisite 3D painting that the meditator feels like looking at the real sky. There are also shops selling clothes, children’s toys and home furnishings, while children have fun, with Venice mall enjoying the most  beautiful and varied electric toys.

Istanbul's most famous European malls 1 Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul

It is considered one of the most important malls of Istanbul, where tourists generally prefer it, simply because it meets all their requirements, such as accommodation, clothing, gifts, electronics and food.

The Istanbul Mall was opened in 2014 and consists of 7 towers, its design was inspired by the city of Istanbul itself, where the complex consists of 4 residential towers, an office tower, a large building dedicated to hotel and hotel units and a huge shopping center.


Departments of Mall of Istanbul:

Mall Shopping: Shops Mall of Istanbul Residential Complex:

Mall of Istanbul Apartments Commercial Offices:

Mall of Istanbul Offices Hotel with hotel apartments: Hotel Mall of Istanbul


Trade Center in Mall of Istanbul:

The Mall of Istanbul is a combination of shopping, culture, art and entertainment,it gives added value to the concept of shopping at the Turkish national level in particular and European in general. It has over 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally.

The shopping mall has an area of ​​156,000 square meters and is distributed in 4 large floors. The architectural details of the Mall of Istanbul are inspired by the architectural style of Sultanahmet Mosque, the historical Taksim Square, Yildiz Ottoman Palace, and glass ceilings that pass the sun to invest in lighting. Nature, so seeing all the shops on each floor as you wander is so beautiful The Mall of Istanbul also contains a theater that offers artists and bands the most beautiful popular and international shows to the public directly, in addition to seasonal and cheerful sports performances, circus shows, Puppet Theater, and even interactive children’s plays, while the mall has 16 theaters with a capacity of 3050 seats.

The mall has the largest indoor amusement park in Europe with giant swings, high-speed space shuttles, fun tunnels, a unique fantasy hotel in Turkey that sparks terror and explodes with fear and ghost games, points to buy and present gifts, and is one of the most important recreational cities in Turkey and the Middle East. It extends over an area of ​​12 thousand meters.

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Istinye Park Mall

Istinye Park Mall is located in the Sarıyer district of European Istanbul, near the seaside and Bosphorus. In addition, the famous Amgan Park is only 3.5 km away, and the Sultan Mehmed Mosque, which connects the Asian section with the European section, is only 9 km away.

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It is one of the finest malls of Istanbul, where the most famous international brands, and local Turkish brands and there are many shops numbering more than 300 a lot of restaurants, cafes and confectionery shops, in addition to cinemas and theaters, children’s entertainment centers, games and electronics stores, in addition to turkish furniture shops and luxury furnishings, household items and kitchen. 


Jawaher Mall

The Turks call this mall “Arab Mall” because most of Arab tourists visit it. The center has more than 280 assorted shops and consists of 6 floors, and also contains 34 restaurants, cafeterias and fast food restaurants.

There is also a theater in the center of the compound surrounded by a water pool used for artistic performances and this theater rises to the top of the compound to reach a height of 25 meters. It  also contains13 theaters that can accommodate 25000 people, in addition to the presence of three cinemas and 3 cinema halls with 3D technology, amusement parks and games for children called Atlantis, which consists of two floors and the other for bowling, the car park can accommodate 2500 cars.

There you may find many international and Turkish stores such as Zara, Adidas, YKM and other international brands, in addition to Turkish telecom and some Turkish banks such asAkbank and Isbank, in addition to home furniture stores, other shops. It is worth mentioning that in 2012, Cevahir Istanbul Shopping Center was named Super brands.

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# Finally, shopping and touring activities in the prestigious Istanbul malls are one of the most preferred activities for tourists in general and for Arab tourists in particular.