Most Beautiful Five Castles of Turkey

If you love history and historical places, Turkey must be on the top of your list. Where you can find the glory of the east and the west combined in one place. The Byzantine and the Ottoman decoration of art architecture were placed all in here. When you visit the historical places in Turkey, you will feel the greatness of whom have constructed it. The glories architecture will blow your mind away. In this article, you will be reading about the most beautiful Castles of Turkey, which we encourage you to visit in your next trip to Turkey.


Bozcaada Castle:


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The castle is located in Tenedos island and it was rebuilt in 1656, when Mehmet the second was ruling the empire. And then in 1815 the castle was renewed by the Sultan Mahmut the second. The castle witnessed many wars and defended many enemies.

The castle gets very crowded with tourists all days of summer. People from all over the world comes to visit the island, because of the magnificent view from each point of the island. And after visiting the island, don’t forget to swim in its beaches. Ayazma and Habbele are the most popular beaches, but Bozcaada’s coastline is dotted with secluded coves and virgin beaches. Adventurous travelers should pack their own supplies and claim a spot all their own. Bozcaada is known to have strong winds, so be aware of which direction the wind is blowing then choose a beach accordingly.


Rumeli Castle:

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The castle was built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed The Conqueror, when he decided to open Constantinople. It was built in the year of 1452, the year before conquering started. The castle is situated on the shore of the Bosphorus Strait at its narrowest point with approximately 660 meters.

Building this castle was a big challenge for who ever worked there. The Sultan ordered them to build it in the shape of word “محمد” which means the name of The Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. This wasn’t the only challenge for building the castle, but the hard environment there made more and more difficulties. That’s why The Sultan appointed the best engineers and workers to build it.  Building the castle was a miracle with only four months’ time for construction.

The castle is considered as one of the most important places to visit in Turkey. Not only because the aura of its historical importance, but also for its beautiful view over the Bosphorus.


Bodrum Castle:

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The castle also can be named “Castle of St. Peter or Petronium” which was built in the medieval age. It is located in the south west of Turkey. The castle stood against its enemies for many centuries, no one could break it. Until The Sultan Suliman The Magnificent attacked it. The castle fell in the Sultan hands in 1522. Now, the castle became one of the most important spots for tourists to visit in Turkey.

The castle has a beautiful view over the beach around the island. As you can see the whole city from its towers “they were named after the names of the countries who have built it”.

In addition, it has seven magnificent doors, so you need to cross them first to enter the castle. But don’t worry, the beauty of its decoration will blow your mind and you won’t feel the time you spend there.

Yedikule Fortress:

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It is considered as one of the main castles of Istanbul, because of the historical important that belongs to it. It was built originally by the Byzantine Emperors Theodosius I and Theodosius II. But in 1458, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the conqueror order to make it stronger, so they added many towers and fully enclosed the city.

The castle is located in the south west of Istanbul. The castle is characterized by the seven beautiful towers and the golden arch which called “Porta Aurea” which means the golden gate.

Yoros Castle:

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One of the Byzantine castles in Istanbul. It is located at the confluence of the Black Sea with the Bosphorus on the Asian side of Istanbul, the fortress of Yoros appears from the horizon as guard towers guarding the Bosphorus, so it has been named the Bosphorus Guards.

Many its towers collapsed over time. But, the entrance still standing proudly. Giving you the chance to see the beautiful view of the Bosphorus and smell the scent of the sea mixed with the forest.