Popular Interiors in Istanbul


Turkey is the cultural gateway to Europe and Asia, and has many cultures that spread around the world as it connects the east and the west, where the industry of construction and development has experienced a great rise,for that reason the Turks differentiated themselves from others with their architectural art, interior decoration, also sparking throughTurkish drama with the beautiful interior décor of the turkish houses the passion of the audience that has become fond of Turkish culture and designs.


The art of decoration and interior design:

is a large field that differs from one society to another, as it is linked to cultures, studies, abilities, habits and traditions inherited or acquired through expertise and techniques based on the creativity and the innovation of the designer, successful design is the basis for any complete artwork, and the designer must be knowledgeable of all architectural  matters, methods and techniques, and the various ores and materials necessary in carrying out the decoration work, as well as the use of colors and their interaction with each other, the degree of absorption of light, also taking into account the natural light openings in the places to be designed, and also the ventilation vents and the degree of control over them.


Basics to be present in interior design:

Good design depends on the dynamic organization of a set of multiple elements, such as the font, space, the depth and color in its different shades, to give the design a rhythmic composition that features the unity of the general shape. The composition balance between the different parts and the study of the blank spaces between the design parts .


These foundations are summarized in three points:

Visual Vacuum:-

It is a space that is located around and between and above and below and within the shape specified in the design, and this void is determined by the relationship between the shape and the floor, which entails a sense of distance.

Balance in Composition:-

This is shown by satisfaction with the general form of the design, and the equilibrium is a condition in which the elements composing the design are distributed evenly 

Design Unity :-

The design unity is the result of the layout of multiple nested elements in the artwork , and focus on defining the relationships between these elements to be based on a rule that makes the design Feels quite comfortable with all the elements within it , as lines and colors play a prominent role in linking design units and collecting them in a unified configuration, the design unity is shown by having relationships connecting the constituent parts of the design such as:

  • -Correlation by parallel           
  • – correlation by color
  • – correlation by formalism      
  • – Correlation by spatial convergence 


Turkish interior Design :

Turkey has a special style in interior and exterior design, there is a  traditional interior design where designers conjure up the Ottoman  period, and they use the luxury furniture design and luxury fabrics,  cultural factors influence the interior design of houses in Turkey, as  the Turkish people are hospitable people, there must be a couch and  a big table … And many chairs for dinner.

Popular Interiors in Istanbul 1 Istanbul

Photo by Alberto Castillo Q. on Unsplash


Trends in Turkish interior design:

There is a range of modern trend lines for Turkish designs:


Ottoman Style design: 

Decor designers in Turkey tend to use the Ottoman style adopted from the traditional old ottoman time .


National identity:

 Designers also incorporate traditional elements that reflect the heritage of the state in their work, such as brass and gold, add some items in carpet and tile drawings

Coating Walls:

Decor designers take us in their designs to another world of splendor and sophistication, where they add a touch of comfort and happiness, using the most beautiful shades of colors ranging between pastel colors which includes the shades of beige .


Interior decorations of Turkish houses:

The interiors of Turkish houses are modern and have a touch of beautiful oriental character which adds elegance and style to the designs.


The Turks use long curtains stretching from the roof of the room to the ground all in the same color as the paint of the walls, to ensure a pleasant atmosphere, and to give space to the place.



Furniture that is used in Turkish design leveled and flat, where the the interior trims , is plain and in light colors, gives space  for the house and a feeling of breadth. 

Popular Interiors in Istanbul 2 Istanbul

Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash


Decorative Walls:

Turkish decorative experts do not recommend the use of decorative wallpaper, only depend use uniform paint without any drawings or decorations on the walls of the rooms and prefer to make it free of Any decorations which gives a sense of breadth in place and cleanliness.



The most beautiful houses in Turkey depend on the use of more than one point for lighting in the rooms, and from more than one angle, as the lighting from the roof and sides is important to ensure  the consistency of the light distribution in the room and also add lighting to the dark side of the room. this ensures the distribution of the lighting and gives a sense of beauty inside the place.


Using Mirrors:

The Turks use large wide mirrors in the bedrooms and wardrobe, and the large mirrors gives a sense of room capacity because the big mirror reflects a larger room picture which gives a feeling capacity and feels like the room is large.


Best designers and interior decoration companies:



his life began a carpenter and then he founded his own decoration company, and adopts geometric and traditional shapes combining simplicity and modernity.



It is one of the best furniture companies in Turkey and relies on modern technology.



 A company specializing in the design of professional furniture and offices and has more than 85 years of experience, they won many awards and thy focus on designing comfortable furniture and decoration designs for internal offices.


# In the end we must take care of the places we spend our time in and  make them more comfortable and elegant its preferable to follow Turkish designs and decorations, as they inspire to reach comfort and elegance at the same time.