The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus

Areas overlooking the Bosphorus



Istanbul is characterized by a distinct geographical nature. It is distributed on the continents of Asia and Europe who are separated by the Bosphorus Strait. This embodies part of the greatness and beauty of the ancient city. The length of the Strait is 32 km. The Bosphorus gives Istanbul a natural beauty, making the areas overlooking the banks of the Bosphorus Strait of the most expensive Places in the world.

In this article we will mention the most important areas on the Bosphorus:


Sariyer area

The Sarıyer region is located on the European side of Istanbul.It covers an area of ​​161 square kilometers.Most of its areas are green forests,the largest of which is Belgrade Forest.It is bordered by the Black Sea to the north and the Bosphorus Strait to the west. It is characterized by its exceptional location on the Bosphorus Strait, making it a destination for tourists and investors from inside and outside Turkey. Sariyer area is characterized by a high level of sophistication and luxury. This area is inhabited by the wealthy city due to the high price of real estate there. Sarıyer center is calm and resembles the mesmerizing village on the edge of the Bosphorus with the requirements of the inhabitants.

The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus 1 Istanbul

The most important sights in Sarir area:

  • Belgrade Forests
  • Amirgan Park
  • Kirchorno Coast
  • Rummeley Castle siege
  • Restaurant and municipal facilities
  • neighborhood houses and old villas

Sariyer is one of the most beautiful areas in the city of Istanbul and the oldest where the visitor can rent villas or luxury homes enjoy the beaches and fishing. It combines the ancient past and modernity of the present so it is a very distinctive experiences.


Ortakoy area

Ortakoy is one of the most lively and attractive neighborhoods, overlooking the waterfront of Istanbul. It is 2 Km away from the port of Besiktas. It has become an attractive and charming destination for many tourists who are meant to enjoy and spend the happiest leisure times. The modern and unforgettable atmosphere of the tourist, where Ortakoy provides the tourist all the needs of shopping for the most beautiful shopping malls and to enjoy the view of the sea and mountain while getting fresh air with the sound of gulls traveling constantly with the waves of the Sea of ​​Marmara with the Black Sea .


Top sights in Ortakoy region:

  • Yildiz Palace
  • Yildiz Park
  • Chiran Palace
  • Ortakoy Mosque
  • Ortakoy Coast
  • famous Ortakoy Bazaar
  • Ortakoy’s signature restaurants
The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus 2 Istanbul

Bebek area

Is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the European side of Istanbul. It is located within the area of ​​Besiktas between the Castle of Rumeli Hisar and Arnaout Koy. It is one of the most important and most prestigious tourist areas in Istanbul and has great importance in Turkey at the level of tourism despite the lack of historical places due to the wonderful coastal recreational climate, due to its location on the Bosphorus Strait, on the coast of Bebek coast there are docking boats and luxury yachts where golden and blue waters make it a major destination for all tourists where relaxing sitting on the beach in one of the most beautiful views for the tourists.


Top sights in Bebek area:

Bebek area in Istanbul has a collection of the most beautiful tourist attractions and the most important of these attractions:

  • Bebek Coast
  • Bebek Park
  • Ayazma Park
  • Asian Park
  • The Asian Museum
  • Cadillac Yacht Club


The sophistication that surrounds Bebek in Istanbul and the natural beauty make it an excellent tourist area, where visitors come constantly throughout the year.

The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus 3 Istanbul

Uskudar region

Uskudar is located on the Asian side of Istanbul on the coast of Anatolia Beach. It is located to The east of the Bosphorus and north of Kadikoy, where the Strait gives it the beauty of the sea and the smell of waves and fresh air. All over the world, the beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey because it witnesses many love stories.


The most important sights in the region of Uskudar:

The region of Uskudar is characterized by a lot of famous tourist attractions for tourists from all over the world, the most important of these attractions:

  • The Girl Tower 
  • Pilar Palace
  • Puppet Hill
  • Uskudar port
  • Princess Islands
  • Mehramah Mosque

Besiktas Region:

Besiktas is one of the most important areas in Istanbul.It is located at the European side and overlooking the Bosphorus. The center of Besiktas is located between Kabatas and Ortakoy. The area of Besiktas is crowded with cafes, restaurants, markets and tourist places.

The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus 4 Istanbul

Top sights in Besiktas:

  • Yildiz Park
  • Bebek Park
  • Besiktas port
  • Maritime Museum
  • Besiktas Bazaar
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque
  • Dolmabahce Palace


Besiktas is the cultural and artistic center of the local population and tourist destination of Istanbul from around the world for its sophistication and possession of many natural and historical sights.


Eminonu area

Eminonu is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul. It receives huge numbers of tourists daily because it is located in Fatih, the heart of the historic city of Istanbul and overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. People roam in Eminonu Square and spend a lot of their time in front of the sea, there are places to sit and Sweets shops and carts sell pastries and simit.

The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus 5 Istanbul

Top sights in Eminonu Region:

The region of Eminonu is characterized by a lot of famous tourist attractions for tourists from all over the world, the most important of these attractions:

  • Kobe Brick Mansion
  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque
  • The covered market, the Egyptian market

In the beautiful city of Istanbul, the pleasure of tourism can only be completed by visiting the Bosphorus Strait and areas overlooking it. The areas overlooking the Bosphorus Strait enjoy strategic and international  importance with the tourist importance between the inhabitants of Istanbul and neighboring Turkish cities and most tourists come to visit the city from everywhere in the world.