One day, traveling between countries was very hard. It took too much time (days, months and years) and it was too expensive, only few who could afford it. That’s why traveling was only for some main reasons, such as merchants, scientists and of course I won’t forget wars, because of the big number of travelers in such events.




Now, with the great luxury of 20th century civilization, travel is easy. With a few hours people can travel around the globe, exploring the far reaches of the earth. Getting to know the history of the peoples who passed from those lands and how their inhabitants continued to preserve their historical heritage. Tourism has become an accessible luxury from all sides. Tourism services have a special sector in every country. The aim of this sector is to upgrade and develop tourism services to make sure of the quality that tourists receive all around the country.


World Tourism:


I will put in your hands dear reader, the global statistics for a number of years to notice the great progress that has occurred in this area. The statistics were published by the World Tourism Organization in 2016.

–        In 1950, the number of tourists in the world twenty-five million tourists.

–        In 1980, the number of tourists increased to 278 million tourists.

–        In 2000, the number of world tourists reached 674 million.

–        In 2016, the figure has doubled to 1235 million.

As you have seen, the globe is witnessing wide-scale tourism movements, leading to major developments in the sector.

As for the financial return, we will recall it from the same source (World Tourism Organization)

–        In 1950, the financial return reached $ 2 billion.

–        In 1980, the amount rose to $ 104 billion.

–        In 2000, the figure increased to $ 495 billion.

–        In 2016, the figure tripled, with a financial return of $ 1.220 billion.

As you have noted, the global expense of tourism welfare is on the rise. This was a major reason to double the efforts of all countries to provide comfort and enjoyment to their visitors of tourists.


Tourism in Turkey:


Turkey is one of the most strategic spots in the world. Not only that, but the beautiful nature of Turkey cannot be described in the words I will be writing in this article. From the Strait of Bosphorus, witness the warm encounter between the continents of Asia and Europe, which produces a magical nature beyond your imagination. On the sea voyage in the Bosphorus, you can feel the prestige of the two continents and their spirit. By the soft breeze mixed with the scent of the continents.


In addition to the strategic location, we must of course mention the ancient history that was present here. From this state the Ottoman Empire was established and dominated the world for over 600 years. It was a cradle of civilization, science and arts. And has seen the best urban renaissance in terms of architecture, which added to the beauty of nature, the value of historical places of the ancient world, which requires the world to visit.


One of the factors that has led to the flourishing of tourism in Turkey is, the high-quality services that Turks provide to their visitors from all over the world. The welcoming nature of Turks gives a warm atmosphere for your visit. Which will make you fall in love with her at your first visit.


From my personal experience, I traveled between some of the Turkish cities. I felt the hearts of Turks as they touched my heart. I felt more comfortable here than anywhere else I have been.


Turkey is one of the most visited countries around the world. This country ranks sixth amount the most visited countries. More than 40 million tourists annually visit Turkey, and the number gradually increasing, thanks for facilities and luxury offered to tourists here.

So dear reader, make Turkey your next tourist destination, and I assure you that, you will choose Turkey as your permanent tourist destination. One visit to Turkey will never be enough.