Transportation in Istanbul


Turkey is classified as one of the best tourist cities in the world because of its distinct Geographical location, and diverse landscapes, and  the combination of civilizations of the East and West.


Istanbul Airports: –



  • Istanbul International Airport



Located in Istanbul in the European side, it is the largest airport in Turkey and one of the largest airports in the world.



  • Sabiha Airport



Istanbul’s second airport is located in Pendik, just off the center of istanbul’s Asian side Kadi Kui “Kadıköy” about 36 km.


Transportation means available in Istanbul : –

Istanbul is a great city for you to enjoy, with a strong transportation system that provides freedom of movement between the regions of this large country. So Turkey has a great diversity in transportation. Transportation in Istanbul is characterized by its efficiency and low prices compared to many countries of the world, and can be detailed as follows:

– Taxi

The most convenient means of transportation, and the most expensive. at the same time as the fare begins the counters start off  from approximately 5 lira, and the taxi fare in Istanbul for close distances is 10-40 turkish lira, and for longer distances from 200 – 500 lira, with the need to make sure the counter is being used.


– Dolmuş

It is a traditional means of transport, moving only when it is full of passengers, and is like a service bus in the Arab countries, but is a little larger.


– small bus

It is characterized by its small size and direct payment, followed by a payment for certain distances. It is not bound

by the stops and routes defined by the state. It is characterized by its beige color in the european side and blue color in the Asian side.


– bus

It is the most widespread in the European and Asian sides, and follows specific lines and the bus stops at any designated station which is widely found in most of the city’s streets, but traffic jams is one of the disadvantages of this mode of transport




It is considered one of the most famous highways in the city, and is


characterized by a total of several the regions starting from the european side of the city in Buyuk Cekmece to the beginnings of

Istanbul. stations has a large fleet of metro buses, and what distinguishes it from the rest of the means of transportation is a dedicated lane in the streets of Istanbul, Which means significantly reducing traffic jams, costing only 2.95 lira, and if it is a short distance ride you can check your balance by placing the card on exit devices and the machine will refund you a portion of the fare.


Metrobus lines: –




Line 34C: connects Beylikduzu and Cevizlibag.




Line 34 BZ: Arrives from Beylikduzu to ZİNCİRLİKUYU.


Line 34A: Be from Cevizlibag station to the last station SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME.


Line 34G: It arrives from the first station Beylikduzu to the last station SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME.


Line 34: the most used line, and connects Between Avcilar and ZİNCİRLİKUYU.





Another great and fun way to travel in Turkey, not all cities in this

country has this type of transportation. It only exists in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, and Ankara. It is a means of transportation that is simple and fast. an example is Marmari metro Line connecting the continents Asia and Europe.


Transportation in Istanbul 1 Istanbul

Photo by Fatih on Unsplash


Metro lines: –




It is one of the oldest and most active metro lines, and the main line to Ataturk Airport from the Yenikapi station, the line heads to the airport or Bagcilar from Yenikapi, and There is work being done to connect it to Halkaly.




It connects the Yenikapi station with the Osman Bey area, and also connects the most vital areas of Istanbul such as Levent, Taksim, Sisli, Istanbul Technical University, and the Golden Horn region.



It is a link between Basaksehir and Bagcilar, which means linking the inhabitants of that area which is far from the center of Istanbul by this line and connect it to the most important areas of Istanbul .



It connects Tavshantepe and Kadikoy, which is one of the best lines due to it connecting the two ends Istanbul, and the expansion of the line to areas near Eden Tabbah is under way and Sabiha Gokcen Airport.


T 1: T 2: T 3:


A line connecting the Jokme Koy and Sultan Bey, connecting Uskodar and Altunzadeh, Fadhel, Jokmah Koy, Alten Shahir and pass through some popular ATA areas.



It links between Levant and Bogazchi University, one of the finest Turkish universities, and expansions to the line are under construction to reach the Bosporus at Ashian Station.



A train running above the ground, with a line in the European section and another in the Asian section and classified as follows:

It is a line connecting from Kabatash to Bagcilar.

A line from Moda to Kadikoy.

A line from TopKapi to Hubbler.


– Naval ferry Vapur

Which helps transport passengers between the two sections of the city from five ports on the European side YeniKapi – Kabatash – Bashiktash – Karakoy – eminuno) , and 4 ports on the section Asian (Bostanci – Haidar Pasha – uskudar – Kadikoy ) .





Helps to transport passengers between Istanbul and other provinces such as “Princess Islands, Yalwa, Bursa and others, and has one main port of Serkegi and the other of the Harm region.

Transportation in Istanbul 2 Istanbul

Photo by Kayra Sercan on Unsplash

transportation Cards : –

There are many cards used in Istanbul to take advantage of most of the means of transportation, the card is available in several types according to the character of the person using it such as “student, tourist, teacher, Resident, retired “.


– Istanbul Card :

Is a pre-paid electronic credit card that can be charged for the first time without any balance and sold for 7 lira from most stalls and public bus stops, the balance can be charged through the dedicated windows or by using the electronic devices which are located in most of these locations, and this card operates in all modes of public  transport like metro, buses, ferry and others.


– Student card:

It is a card for students in the city, university students and school students can obtain a reduction rate of around 60% or more on all modes of transport in the city, as well as seniors for who got some rebates.


– Blue Card:

It is very suitable for those who travel around Istanbul regular. Blue card is subject to subscription and is personal, ie no other person can use it if he is not same subscriber with his information printed on the card. this card is valid for two years from the date of issue.

The cost of subscription and application for the first time is 10 Turkish liras and its paid when applying for, and after getting the card The balance is charged with 155 TRY per month, until it is possible to use any of the public transport means approximately 180 times during the same month .


Transportation prices in Istanbul

In general prices are relatively low, whether a person’s card carries a reduced rate or without reduction, where the cost of the trip using the means of transport mentioned is 2.60 Turkish lira, as for the student 1.25, the discount for non-students is 1.85 Turkish liras a trip, there is also a monthly subscription to reduced blue card holders costs.

 85 TL gives 200 passes per month, on each entry to the station deducted one or two as per the distance or number of stations, and the monthly subscription to the owners of cards that don’t have reduction will be 205 TL.


things that help you know the road and transportation : –

So that no people get lost in this big city, many local and global  companies have developed applications for smartphones to be a guide to get around faster and better, most famous of these applications is Travi, and also the Google Map application, which helps you get to the wanted place easily.

In the end, Istanbul transportation systems are still in constant development.