Turkish mineral springs and their role in medical tourism

Turkish springs and their role in medical tourism



Turkey has a great natural wealth, where the interests of tourists coming to Turkey are varied. Turkey has gained a lot of confidence around the world. It has become has become one of the most prominent countries referred to as the first choice for those who wish to be treated abroad.

Turkish mineral springs and their role in medical tourism 1 Discover Turkey

Turkey has many therapeutic advantages such as: the field of physical therapy and alternative medicine Sulfur water springs and hot baths where many diseases are treated.

 In this article we will talk about springs in Turkey:


Hot Springs in Turkey:

These hot springs are flowing from hot grounds to for a group of therapeutic Lakes.These hot springs arise from the leakage of surface water resulting from rain and snow to the ground. Volcanic areas are the best place to form hot springs because of the presence of molten hot rocks near the earth’s surface. Hot springs are characterized by great therapeutic benefits. They contribute to the treatment of many diseases such as: knee and joint diseases. There are a large number of hot springs and therapeutic lakes in Turkey. The state has worked to take advantage of its presence and turned it into tourist facilities. The hot springs in Turkey are about 1100 springs,most of these springs are located in Istanbul, Marmara and central Anatolia region.

Turkish mineral springs and their role in medical tourism 2 Discover Turkey

The most important hot springs in Turkey 



  • Tuzla hot springs in Istanbul


Tuzla Springs is the closest therapeutic hot springs in Istanbul. 

İçmeler Fountain is the most famous of these springs.



  • Oylat hot springs in Bursa


The city of Bursa is characterized by its hot springs, which continue to gain importance and interest from tourists from all over the world.



  • Thermal Springs in Yalova


The coastal city of Yalova is characterized by the presence of hot springs in therapeutic waters in a number of areas which increased the importance of these springs and its popularity and made it a destination for tourists.



  • Balchuva hot springs in Izmir


Balchuva Springs is a center of medical tourism, located in Izmir, known as Agamemnon Springs.These springs offer a number of therapeutic services such as hydrogen therapy, mineral water treatment and others, all according to high international standards and in accordance with the standards of the Norwegian Ministry of Health.



  • Springs and therapeutic centers in Adana


Haruni springs are located near Adana and contain carbonate, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen, sulfur and carbon dioxide. This water is useful in the treatment of skin diseases, neurological diseases, diseases of the stomach and intestines.



  • Springs and therapeutic centers in Denizli


The Romans built the city of Hierapolis near the cotton castle in “Pamukkale”. It is a site of hot springs rich in mineral waters sloping from the mountains through water courses formed by unique circular basins of white algebraic rocks decorated with a layer of stones. It has a complete digestive system: intestinal diseases, liver and bile ducts, chronic infections, obesity, rheumatism, circulatory diseases, cardiovascular, cerebral arteries, atherosclerosis, bicarbonate, sulfur and callus compounds Day.



  • Springs and therapeutic centers in the city of Bolu


These springs are about 7 km away from the city center of Bolu. These springs have gained wide fame because they are located near Abant Lake. They Formed a tourist and therapeutic destination for thousands of tourists coming  from all over the world. What distinguishes these springs is the presence of fluorine that deals with cardiovascular diseases Hematology, kidney and urine diseases.



  • Ayyash hot springs in Ankara


Ayyash Hot Springs is located in the capital of Turkey, Ankara and is famous for its therapeutic ability for many diseases such as sciatica, nerve inflammation and back pain.



  • Springs and therapeutic centers in Dalian


Dalian springs and therapeutic spots in Dalian City include a number of therapeutic mineral springs, and is distinguished from the rest of the other cities with mud baths located near the Royal Resort southwest of Lake Koigiger whose waters meet with the Mediterranean by a channel flowing near the Reda Josh Springs Natural springs form a hot mineral water pool and a mud pond. It is flowing at 8 liters per second.These springs contain sodium chloride, hydrogen, sulfur, bromide and fluoride. These springs treat gynecological diseases and psychological and nervous exhaustion.



  • Springs and therapeutic centers in the city of Afyon


The most famous mineral springs in Turkey are located in the city of Afyon, because of its recreational and healing properties, especially Hammamet, Kazli Kul, Sondakli Hawaday Omar Kecik, and Bulvadin Hibli, which treat the diseases of rheumatism, skin, heart circulation, digestive system, Joints, bones, liver disease, gynecology.

Turkish mineral springs and their role in medical tourism 3 Discover Turkey

Turkey has many therapeutic advantages, not only in the field of modern medicine, but also in alternative medicine, which has been granted by nature, which has been exploited by the state in the best way and facilitated access to it from all who desire it. The Turkish government has also worked to provide the necessary supplies to promote the reality of medical tourism, and create new horizons for it.