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There is no doubt that travel has become an important and essential thing in people’s lives. If it is to study, to work, or even do adventure around the world, visit monuments, enjoy the beauty of the landscape, see the most important sights, and get to know other people and their customs and traditions. However, travel needs some important arrangements such as finding the best airlines to book and ensure a pleasant and comfortable flight on the plane.

In this article, we mention the most the best airlines that you can use for your trips:


Turkish Airlines :

Turkish Airlines is the official carrier in Turkey for both individuals and cargo on board a fleet of 335 aircrafts from the latest global releases. It flies to 290 global destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. This makes Turkish Airlines the largest air Carrier in the world. Riyadh, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Jeddah and Tripoli are considered the most important destinations of Turkish Airlines


The white element above the red area represents the wild

Goose. The reason for choosing wild goose is being the

most able bird to fly very long distances. Using this item means

that Turkish Airlines can fly for the longest distances ranking

second on the global level. It also aims to adhere to European

standards in aviation quality .

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History of Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, where the International Airlines Department was established under the Ministry of National Defense in 1933. The company’s first fleet consisted of 13 different aircraft types, By 1945, there were 52 aircraft fleets. The capacity was increased at the time to reach 19 cities as destinations. In 1953, the first pilgrimage was carried out by air. In 1955, the title “Directorate” was changed from the general Administration of International Airlines ”under Law No. 6623 to its current name Turkish Airlines. In March 1956, the company was founded with a capital of 60 million turkish lira. in 1968, the company’s capital was increased from 90 million TL to 200 million TL. By 1973, the number of travelers over Turkish Airlines had increased from 528,000 passengers in 1967 to 2.5 millions passengers. In 1984, The company’s capital doubled again to 60 billion TL.

A site was created and was put into service in 1996.

The company’s website was used www.thy.com. In 2004, the main website changed to www.turkishairlines.com.tr.

In December 2006, an agreement protocol was signed on

THY’s participation in the ‘Star Alliance’ during a ceremony involving Turkish Airlines and members of the Star Alliance. In 2007, Turkish Airlines was awarded the “National Quality Award” in aviation.


Properties of Turkish Airlines :

Turkish Airlines offers a series of advantages over other airlines that make it more attractive to customers:

Comfortable seating with movable headrests to relax.

Various entertainment content that is suitable for different ages with modern personal presentation.

Delicious local and international meals taking into account special diets.

Easy and confirmed booking and access to all needs and requirements easily and conveniently via company website.

A modern fleet of air crafts and trained crew with high standards.


Hospitality services on Travel Classes on TK Flights:

Turkish Airlines offers its passengers two classes of travel, each with its own advantages:


Business Class

They are allowed with more luggage weights than economy class.

Quickly check in through Turkish Airlines lounges at different airports compared to other passengers.

Providing a comfortable lounge at Istanbul International Airport with relaxation areas for recreation with private wings for rest and bathing, a museum, a business space, and area for children games. This is on top of a nice taste of Turkish and international cuisine.

The aircraft are provided with comfortable single seats with a function as a bed self-massage, elbow support, arms, monitor with flexible holder, with sleeping facilities in addition to providing personal screens and modern headphones to follow

the entertainment content and various educational programs including documentaries on the country of destination. Meals are also provided with delicious local and international cuisine prepared and served by professional chefs including breakfasts, snacks and main lunch dishes from Grills with appetizers,Turkish desserts and welcome drinks, with menus for special diets.


Economy class

Comfortable seats with extra foot comfort, adjustable headrest with portability moving forward and back, as well as rest and sleep tools, ear plugs, entertainment contents for kids like electronic games, movies, songs and music, children’s channels.

For adults, Turkish Airlines introduces SkyLife online entertainment magazine monthly.

Hot and cold breakfasts and main lunches derived from

Turkish and international cuisines that are prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, as well as snacks, cakes, sandwiches and special menus for diets .


Weights allowed on Turkish Airlines:

  • Economy class passengers and children are entitled to have one cabin bag of 8 kg.
  • Weights allowed for business class to carry two cabin handbags each one 8 kg.
  • The maximum weight of any piece of luggage is 32 kg. It is not allowed to have any luggage weighing more than 32 kilograms on Turkish Airlines aircraft.
  • Economy and Premium Economy passengers are allowed to carry bags weighing up to a maximum of 20 kg while business class passengers are allowed to carry a weight of 30 kg.
  • It allows the passengers of the lower class to carry bags weighing to 15 kg maximum.


Travel Procedures on Turkish Airlines:


Turkish Airlines website makes it easy for customers to book and pay for their travel tickets. It also facilitates the process of e-visa to enter the Turkish territories.

It also provides some special services during or after the trip such as travel insurance, hotel booking, car rental, tour organization, luggage transfer between the airport to Taksim or shopping malls and even accommodation (mini-port to ship goods).


To check-in comfortably, Turkish Airlines advises you to be at the airport ahead of flight time sufficiently long since the check-in offices close 45 minutes before domestic flights, and 60 minutes before international flights.

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