What should be taken into consideration when moving to Istanbul


Istanbul city is surrounded by three seas and it is the most touristy driven country , for it has wonderful nature and wonderful sources of entertainment , and it combines the civilizations of the West and the East.

What should be taken into consideration when moving to Istanbul 1 Istanbul

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Entry into Turkey:


Recently, the percentage of Arabs living in Turkey has increased in spite of the difference in the culture and language. Entry into Turkey requires a visa currently worth about 60 USD and a valid passport for more than 6 months, so no problem is encountered at the airport , but the visa validity in Turkey does not exceed 3 months .


Residence Expiration :

When moving to Turkey, a residency must be taken up. The residence type could be work, touristic, residential, and student residence.


– Tourist:

Tourist residency is the perfect solution for those who want to stay in Turkey for a short time such as a year or two to explore life and look for investment opportunities.


– Real estate residence:

This residence is issued to realtors and it qualifies for citizenship if the worth of the property exceeds 250 thousand dollars, but it is required for you to not sell the property until after three years for the person to obtain citizenship.


– Work Permit:

This residence is considered the best type of stay in Turkey, which qualifies for citizenship For the person and his family and is issued to business owners and employees in Turkey, if they remain in for five years in the country without leaving for more than 180 days during the 5 years.


– Student residence:

This residence is issued to university students or school students, whose procedures requires to be a person enrolled in a university, school, or institute, and is accepted as soon as he or she joins an educational institution. It is not required when you enter Turkey to have a student visa. The holders of the tourist visa can get a student residence in case of obtaining a final admission from a university or language schools in Turkey.


Requirements for obtaining residence in Turkey:

There is a set of papers that must be submitted for residence be it  tourist, real estate, work, or student residence. These papers are :



  • 4 personal photos.
  • passport copy .
  • A copy of the Visa to enter the country.
  • health insurance, and the prices vary by company and age.
  • The date of residence, which any office will extract, whether the person is in Turkey or abroad.
  • A certified lease contract from the Notar in Turkey, and must be for a period not less than one year contracts short-term is not accepted.
  • For those wishing to obtain student residence must bring a paper where he is proven to be registered with an educational institution , whether a school , institute or university.
  • As for those who wish to obtain real estate residence must bring proof of real estate ownership, to be documented and certified.


Weather in Turkey:

In the summer the weather is relatively mild, except for the coastal provinces, the atmosphere where it is the hottest , it goes up to 45 degrees, while the rest of the provinces are around 15 to 35 degrees , depending on the location of the province.

during the winter , the atmosphere is cold in most of the provinces, different temperatures for the different locations of the provinces , and the coldest are the eastern provinces.


Cost of living :

The cost of living in a large city such as Istanbul varies according to individual needs if a person lives without high profile lifestyle such as restaurants and welfare, he would need an amount of $ 300-400, in case of living with a little luxury, it may cost up to $700 per month, the amount may increase or decrease according to individual requirements, and it is an average amount compared to the cost of living in the rest of Europe.


The language :

Turkish language is the most important thing that a person should know if he wants to live in Turkey, because the majority of the Turkish people speak only Turkish, and there are many language learning centers in the various Turkish cities at different prices. Note that the Turkish language takes from several languages: Arabic, Farsi, German, French, English.


Working in Turkey:

Jobs are widely available in Istanbul, but there are some hurdles in the working hours in Turkey. It is very long, ranging from 10 hours to 18 hours a day, the Turkish language must be known, even if it is something simple, and there’s a need of a permit for the refugees in Turkey, there are several obstacles that prevent them from working, imposed by the Interior Ministry. Some employers employ foreigners and refugees, but for a small salaries ranging from 1000 to 2000 tl .


Transportation :

Turkey has a large network of modern public transport, as such the country enjoys an efficient transport system such as Metro, metrobus, Marmaray, in addition to the ferries, tramways, transport is characterized by its low prices, where the rate of transport by one of these means costs 2.5 tl , which is equivalent to less than half a dollar at the current exchange rate.

What should be taken into consideration when moving to Istanbul 2 Istanbul

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Communications and Internet :

Communication and Internet speeds are an important factor for anyone who wants to move to a particular country, where Turkey is classified as a developed country in the field of Internet and communication for its ownership of great telecommunications companies. There are three main companies that offer telecommunications services. Turkcell is the leading company out of these three, followed by Vodafone then TurkTelecom, the same companies offer Internet services and it is characterized by its cheap prices and high quality, and there are other companies also, but they are not recommended .


Medical care and health insurance :

people with a Turkish residency have a health insurance from the Turkish government where they can visit public hospitals, whether for consultation or emergency, without any financial amounts and enjoy a discount from the value of the treatment of about 90%, and it allows newcomers to the country to bring  medicine and treatments, and are not held accountable to the same degree as like pills for stomach, head pain, and other treatments.



In the end, Turkey is a country worthy of thinking and adventuring to live and move to since it has many advantages that makes living more happy, safe and comfortable.