Why would it be preferable to deal with a real estate consultant when buying a property?

There is no doubt that Turkey is the next investment paradise, And it’s also the paradise of the earth to which he is sheltered. Tourists Investors’ hopes are also looking forward to it, The real estate sector in recent years Witnessing a significant increase in the value of investment, real estate prices in Turkey are always rising, where it earns more profits for its investors than other investments, But making profits Big in the real estate sector is not easy, Investors in the sector may face Real estate risks in their real estate investments, so it is preferable that investors in the sector Real estate By investing through institutions or dealing with people with great experience In the real estate field, investors can get rid of the risks they may face and can make high profits.

Real Estate Consultant:


He is a person with high experience and competence in the real estate sector, especially with the increase of projects he oversees, and the real estate consultant is considered a central center in every successful real estate investment, where he is a help to the real estate investor in the acquisition of the appropriate property and provides A lot of time. and the effort on the investor in the process of buying the property, And to avoid the risks and mistakes that occur in the selection process and then the purchase, Preferably dealing with a real estate consultant before starting an investment, Where He has multiple options and very accurate knowledge of the real estate market.

Why would it be preferable to deal with a real estate consultant when buying a property? 1 Investment In Turkey

The importance of having a real estate consultant in the process of buying the property:

That the investor in the real estate sector has a highly experienced and competent real estate consultant, Going to Be a bulwark against him from falling into things that harm him without feeling, and ensuring a satisfactory purchase at the same time,

There are several reasons for the presence of the real estate consultant, the most important of which are:

  • Turkey’s real estate market expands

Turkey is a rising country, And it’s evolving rapidly, especially the city of Istanbul which There are thousands of ready-to-live projects, Other projects under construction, These are distributed Projects throughout the city, Each region has its characteristics, And because this development The rapidness of the city is reflected in these areas differently, So we find that some Areas grow faster than others, And no one can predict this unless it’s Following the news of the economic market permanently over the past years, especially if it’s The investor is interested in investing in projects under construction, To take advantage of the high prices Project upon completion and delivery, And it’s not easy for anyone to know how credible Construction companies, And the level of quality of materials used in construction unless it follows the transactions The company, Whether or not they comply with project delivery dates, Where construction companies, in general, rely on making attractive offers to attract buyers and take advantage of their money, And sometimes. Investment succeeds and sometimes it turns into a loss, So the presence of a real estate consultant is very important in The issue of the expansion of the real estate market in Turkey, Especially since he has extensive experience in the real estate market He is the one who will be able to determine the best option in choosing the right property.

Why would it be preferable to deal with a real estate consultant when buying a property? 2 Investment In Turkey

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  • Is the real estate consultant answering all the buyer’s questions for the property?

When buying a property, many questions in the buyer’s mind need to be answered, such as Turkey’s property laws, And inheriting the property, Is the property suitable for Turkish citizenship? and the possibility of having a family residence or not, And all these questions can only be answered from Before the real estate consultant.

  • Real estate prices

Real estate prices in Turkey are relatively stable for the Turkish lira, but the price of the Turkish lira variable for the dollar and the buyer with foreign currencies, especially if you buy the property in installments over several years, Here the real estate consultant is the best representation during the Buying the property, The best proposal is provided in installments, In a way that the investor is the winner.

  • The real estate consultant’s ability to negotiate

Since it is the real estate consultant who negotiates with the sales representative as if the property is for himself, Especially since his knowledge of the sales representative and construction companies, beyond the buyer’s knowledge of their, My country. A highly capable real estate consultant negotiates with a sales representative to get an offer Better, This is based on his extensive experience in the real estate market.

  • Personal relationships with the real estate consultant

The real estate consultant has strong relationships with construction companies, In addition to his extensive knowledge With sales representatives in projects whether they are ready for housing such as apartments or villas or are under construction, the real estate consultant uses his relationships after collecting the necessary information regarding the goal Purchase of the property is ready or under construction, With a sea view or a city view, It must be determined The necessary budget by the buyer, So help these items to find a better chance by choosing the right property.

  • Follow-up payment of installments

The buyer is often not inside Turkey, Especially when the property was purchased. In installments, In this case, the buyer needs a representative within Turkey, And he delivers. Premiums to the seller, Specially that real estate prices are valued in Turkish lira with a price constantly changing exchange in decline and rise, The real estate consultant guarantees the buyer Pay the installments correctly, And get the right exchange rate at the time of sending the installment.

How can I choose the right real estate consultant?

Search online for a highly experienced real estate consultant in the area where the buyer wishes to purchase the property.

Choose a real estate consultant who provides initial advice through articles and internet news away from advertising objectives.

When you go to a real estate consultant and tell him exactly what you need, If he has knowledge of the prices Real estate And it can do analyses of the evolution of the region, He also has information on Government and private investment and public utilities of the region, This is proof that the chancellor Real estate well.

# And the end of the order to hire a real estate consultant are indispensable and cannot be exceeded, But. Be careful to make a good choice for the real estate consultant who will carry out the task of purchasing.