Discovery of the largest natural gas reserve in Turkey

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced the discovery of large natural gas reserves off the Black Sea coast, days after he promised: “excellent news” that might usher in a “new era” for the energy-dependent nation.

A sum of 320 cubic meters of natural gas were found within the Black Sea’s Tuna-1 zone, Erdoğan stated, noting “the newly discovered reserves are only a piece of a larger resource,” and the country “will continue to discover more in the near future.”

Turkey’s first oil and gas drilling ship, Fatih, set sail from northern Turkey’s Trabzon on June 25 for its long-awaited drilling mission within the Black Sea.

While Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Dilmis mentioned that there are two layers under the discovered layer, wishing to access new resources, explaining that the area that was surveyed is 250 square kilometers, indicating that the gas that was discovered in the Black Sea is of high quality

The Turkish Energy Minister concluded by saying that exploration operations will continue, with the participation of the Qanuni drilling ship, along with the Fatih drilling ship in the Black Sea, to further exploration operations in the eastern Mediterranean region.