Economic and trade volume between Turkey and EU countries

    The EU and Turkey’s economy is intertwined and the trade between them has more than quadrupled since the establishment of the customs union between the two sides 20 years ago, the head of the EU’s trade and policy delegation, Bartoz Berzewara, said. Speaking at a conference on “From Europe to Turkey: Digital Transformation … Continue

Will turkey convert to using Bitcoin 

  In light of the global economic inflation caused by excessive printing of paper money, there is a high probability of an economic crisis, which pushed many prope to think of other alternatives that would be a way to survive if this world is exposed to an economic collapse. Hence, the Bitcoin.   Bitcoin  Is … Continue

The impact of Turkey joining the EU on the Turkish economy

    The issue of Turkey joining the European Union is one of the issues on which the majority of Turks agree on, with a public opinion of about 75% of the Turkish people supporting membership in the European Union. Reasons and motives of Turkey to join the European Union: Turkey can not separate from … Continue