Education in turkey

Study in Turkey   Turkey is a country where the civilization of the West and East blends together. Turkish modern experience in the state and society is one of the most important models for the advancement at the regional and international level.The first decade of the third millennium witnessed a huge educational, economic, social and political boom. Among the … Continue

Turkish mineral springs and their role in medical tourism

Turkish springs and their role in medical tourism   Turkey has a great natural wealth, where the interests of tourists coming to Turkey are varied. Turkey has gained a lot of confidence around the world. It has become has become one of the most prominent countries referred to as the first choice for those who wish to be treated … Continue

What do you know about Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines   There is no doubt that travel has become an important and essential thing in people’s lives. If it is to study, to work, or even do adventure around the world, visit monuments, enjoy the beauty of the landscape, see the most important sights, and get to know other people and their customs … Continue

Charities in Eid al-Adha,Turkey

Charities in Eid al-Adha,Turkey Turkey is considered as a model to the world in humanitarian diplomacy. It works during Eid al-Adha through its relief institutions to deliver aid and sacrifice to millions of in need people around the world, and those who have been forced to migrate from their places and countries because of hunger, … Continue

Eid al-Adha in Turkey

Eid al-Adha in Turkey Turkey is a Muslim country full of flourishing history, where the Ottomans built and preserved it. The residents if Turkey respect and adhere to customs and traditions. They give a great attention to events. Eids are one of the most beautiful traditions of the Turkish people and characterized by nature Islamic, … Continue

Comprehensive guide to understanding the Public transport card

  Turkey is a big country, especially the city of Istanbul, where more than 13 million people live, at both the European and Asian side, and this sometimes makes you take more than two or three hours to reach the desired location, but the means of transportation and public transport are very diverse, such as … Continue

Turkey a world-class medical tourism destination

Turkey is an ideal destination with a charming and picturesque nature and its location is distinguished being between Europe and Asia, It is certainly not only advanced in historical tourism, But it also offer medical tourism, offering advanced medical services at very low price compared to other European countries, and the Turkish health sector is … Continue

How to spend a successful Eid Holiday in istanbul ?

Istanbul has been a desirable holiday destination for people from all around the world. This is due to the great historical value the city holds and to the outstanding beauty the visitor witness in the city. As we approach Eid, a lot of families and individuals around the world start planning their holiday’s tips to … Continue

How does Turkey Greet the Eid?

Eid is a word that brings together joy and love at once, and for the Muslims, Eidan, the first is Eid Mushrooms that will be dissolved after a few days, which is the feast that comes after the fast of Ramadan and Muslims see great joy after a month in which they worship God in … Continue

Most Beautiful Five Castles of Turkey

If you love history and historical places, Turkey must be on the top of your list. Where you can find the glory of the east and the west combined in one place. The Byzantine and the Ottoman decoration of art architecture were placed all in here. When you visit the historical places in Turkey, you … Continue