The most beautiful areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus

Areas overlooking the Bosphorus   Istanbul is characterized by a distinct geographical nature. It is distributed on the continents of Asia and Europe who are separated by the Bosphorus Strait. This embodies part of the greatness and beauty of the ancient city. The length of the Strait is 32 km. The Bosphorus gives Istanbul a natural beauty, making … Continue

Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul

Bosphorus bridges   Istanbul is the economic and cultural capital of the State of Turkey. This makes it the center of attraction for many Turkish citizens and non-Turks always in order to visit or work or even spend their holiday in a distinctive Turkish atmosphere. The Bosphorus is a meeting point between continents of Asia and Europe. … Continue

Istanbul airports

Istanbul airports   Turkey is spread over a wide geographical area of up to 783,562 square kilometers. Such large countries  require the establishment of a large number of infrastructure projects such as airports in the main cities. These airports are important to facilitate the movement of traffic between one city and another on the one hand, and between Turkey … Continue

Bebek an area with one of Istanbul's most charming views

Bebek Area in Istanbul   Bebek is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul. It attracts great attention due to the geographic location and the nature of the region. In addition, It enjoys the coastal climate which makes it wonderful because of its location on the Bosphorus gulf. During the reign of Sultan Ahmed the third, … Continue

Besiktas area in Istanbul

Besiktas area in Istanbul   Besiktas is one of the most important and popular areas of Istanbul. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and overlooking the Bosphorus. Besiktas center is located in the Ortakoy region, where this area is considered as the second city of Istanbul after Qassim area. Besiktas is a cultural and artistic center … Continue

Istanbul's most famous European malls

Istanbul’s most famous European malls   The city of Istanbul is a modern city and heritage is the destination of all tourists around the world. After tourism and visiting archaeological museums and popular markets, it is necessary to visit shopping centers. There is no doubt that the commercial centers in Turkey are witnessing a large … Continue

Tourist attractions in Istanbul

Tourist attractions in Istanbul   “If the world was one country, its capital would be Istanbul.” With these words, we were surprised by the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte. When visiting this ancient city and sightseeing the western side of the Phosphorus, visitors become captive to its charm view. Istanbul is crowded with visitors and tourists at all times … Continue

Popular Interiors in Istanbul

  Turkey is the cultural gateway to Europe and Asia, and has many cultures that spread around the world as it connects the east and the west, where the industry of construction and development has experienced a great rise,for that reason the Turks differentiated themselves from others with their architectural art, interior decoration, also sparking … Continue

What should be taken into consideration when moving to Istanbul

  Istanbul city is surrounded by three seas and it is the most touristy driven country , for it has wonderful nature and wonderful sources of entertainment , and it combines the civilizations of the West and the East. Photo by: Burak K from Pexels Entry into Turkey: Recently, the percentage of Arabs living in … Continue

Transportation in Istanbul

  Turkey is classified as one of the best tourist cities in the world because of its distinct Geographical location, and diverse landscapes, and  the combination of civilizations of the East and West.   Istanbul Airports: –     Istanbul International Airport     Located in Istanbul in the European side, it is the largest … Continue